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Great offering from Titleist!

A Review On: Titleist 910 D2 Driver

Titleist 910 D2 Driver

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Pros: Shape, feel, sound, looks

Cons: None

I have never gotten fit for a driver until now. I have been seeing commercials and people talking about how nice the driver feels so I thought its about time I get fitted and hopefully Titleist has something to offer me since there are 5 stock shaft configurations. 


I went into Golfsmith down the road from me and luckily the fitter was there was no one was around wanting to smash balls against the launch monitor. I talked with him and I compared the 910 D2 with the Project XC3 and also the RIP shaft against my Callaway Edge Tour driver and the results were eye opening. 


I have been suffering from my drives going to the right more often than I wanted them to and sure enough I found that the head and shaft weren't for me although I really liked the feel from the Callaway. Side spin rates went from the 16-1800's down to 50-300's using the 910 D2 on the A1 setting and the RIP shaft. 


The combination that I got works amazing for me and I can actually execute hitting shots the way I want to by opening my stance or closing it, I feel very good about hitting my driver now and love taking the head cover off to tee one up and know where it is going to go. With the Titleist 910 D2 driver on "my setting" of A1 and the shaft option I chose, I am very confident in my driving and no longer have so many things in my head before I swing to compensate for the right side of the course!


Go out and give this driver a try, try different shafts and see your results on a launch monitor and see what shaft feels best to you, its definitely worth doing!


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