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A Review On: Titleist 910 D2 Driver

Titleist 910 D2 Driver

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Deryck Griffith
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Pros: Asthetics, Ball Flight, Adjustability

Cons: Adjustability Chart

I rarely take the time to review product mostly due to laziness and not feeling the need to do so.  However as it pertains to the Titleist 910D3 , I felt the need to finally share the joy I've had with this driver.


My 910D3 is shafted with the RIP Alpha 60 X-stiff shaft (66g).  My previous driver, which really helps with my 910 experience was the 907D2 shafted with the Avixcore Tour Green Shaft. 


After my first swing with the 910D3, the difference between it and my old 907 was astronomical.  The ball flight was penetrating, the sound was soothing and the appearance while addressing the ball was a feeling of comfort.  Furthermore, the smaller head of the D3 is just the perfect size.  It feel more agile vs. a 460cc sized driver. 


I haven't messed around with the adjustability too much as I like to have a consistent setting every practice session and round I play.  However, the option of doing so for "fitting purposes" vs. "ball flight" purposes removes the gimmicky association to how Taylormade and some of the other brands promote their drivers.  So if next year say I decide to change my swing for some strange reason, I can adjust my 910 driver to fit or "match," the new swing I'm trying to groove.


My final thoughts on this driver go no further than saying that this golf purchase was one of the most satisfying ones I've had.  I will emphasize to everyone who reads this that matching the correct shaft to this head is imperative to enjoying all of it's features; and once you find that right match, this driver is guaranteed to stay in your bag for years to come.


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