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Titleist AP1 710 Iron Set


Pros: Forgiveness and distance

Cons: expensive

These irons are good for the mid to high handicapper who wants to play titleist irons but is not a good enough ball striker to play the ap2s. Solid cast feel, with a very noticeable sound off the face. 


Pros: Accurate, soft feel

Cons: Expensive

Adella Graphite 75-A shafts.  Lie adjusted 2 deg +


6-W - $115 a club.  The P club is 45 deg, (what used to be a 9) so you need the 50 deg W.


They had to be assembled by Titleist due to the "A" shaft not being in dealers stock and I had them in 5 days. When checked  the lie on one club was off 1/2 a degree.


Handicap:  4 ruptured neck vertebrae with lower back no better.


Soft feel (which I like), and I know when I hit the ball poorly - they do sting!  Yet the penalty is not that bad, the ball usually ends up playable. It's definitely a game improvement iron  but don't look or feel like it. I hit these better then those oversize weird shaped Super Game Improvement Irons.


The price of the soft face is that it scratches easily compared to other clubs. I'm using head covers. Also I have become very picky about what balls I hit due to the great feel on the face. I can't stand how a hard long distance ball feels using these. (Range Balls feel like rocks.)


I recommend them (with the A shaft) to a player who's loosing there game to age, or a far better then average ladies club.  With the appropriate shaft I can't see why a beginner couldn't start with these.

For anyone who can really work the ball..............BLADES!  :)



UPDATE:  April 17 2011


On a frequency machine  the Graphite "A" shafts on an AP1's are softter then a "standard" "A"  - more like an "L". 

Titleist AP1 710 Iron Set

Titleist AP1 710 Iron Set 4-GW with Steel Shafts The Titleist AP1 710 Iron Set 4-GW with Steel Shafts are the essence of advanced performance with multi-material, dual cavity irons that provide improved feel, great looks, shot control and higher flight with forgiveness for the avid to skilled golfer. The stock shaft is the VS Proto T 75 and the stock grip is the Titleist Tour Velvet.

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