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Titleist bullseye putter

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Pros: Zero Game Improvement

Cons: Zero Game Improvement

It's simple, you either hit the sweet spot or you don't.  A Bulls Eye offers no mercy.


I can pitch with it, and it's my first choice for distance puts - even though a miss by a quarter inch will become a couple of feet over a long distance. (I like practicing 50' putts whenever I can.)


I have rated it 5 stars all around.  Someone else will rate it zero stars.......you either like it or you don't.


You can buy the original Bulls Eyes on e-bay, junk stores, and old golf shops for less then re-gripping will cost. Many versions were made over a long period of time....and Scotty Cameron did NOT improve upon it. (Whats to improve.) So save your money.


PS: I'm not a Luddite. I have used a number of Cameron's, Pings, space ships on sticks and other devices. This is where I started and where I have come back to....it just works.

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Titleist bullseye putter

Originally designed in the 1940's by John Reuter, Jr., the line of Titleist Bulls Eye putters have been recently refined by Scotty Cameron. The classic soft brass and unique flare tip fluted shaft are complemented by a longer sweet spot and a beveled leading edge for truer roll. Just like vintage Bulls Eyes, today's putter heads are sand cast of a soft yellow brass alloy giving the putter its uniquely soft feel at impact. A low gloss satin finish reduces glare and enhances the Bulls Eye's traditional appearance. The smooth, unbroken topline offers a clean look. A wide Paddle Wrap grip with leather-like feel enhances precision weighting, deftness and control.

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