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Titleist MB 710 Iron Set


Pros: Shaping Shots, Sounds, Feel, Looks

Cons: Not good for the high handicappers

Classy, Smooth, Clean and Precise are all good adjectives to describe the Titleist 710 mb irons. These player irons will not disappoint even the most discerning eye, they set the bar for others. If your looking for an iron that will take you game to the next level look no further. The Titleist 710 are perfect for shaping shots. These are the equivalent to a surgeons scalpel, and about as sharp and accurate. 


The feel of these clubs are amazing. A perfect way to description is smooth and solid, what you would expect from any forged blade. However, the 710 does not lie, you hit it off the toe they'll let you know- with vibrations that could compete with a aluminum baseball bat.


I would recommend these to any experienced player. However if your not a scratch player, or close to one don't bother. I played a couple of rounds with my friend's and I loved everything about them, but their just too much club for me to handle right now. Eventually I will probably put them in the bag just not right now.


If I had to give them a rating it would be a 8.5, they are truly amazing clubs. And the only reason I would give them a 8.5 is that not every person who plays golf can hit them, but they don't call them players irons for nothing  

Titleist MB 710 Iron Set

Titleist MB 710 Iron Set 3-PW with Steel Shafts The Titleist MB 710 Iron Set 3-PW with Steel Shafts has a uniform muscle shape behind the impact area that provides solid feel. The improved shape has a softer topline, rounder profile for a classic, but contemporary look. The constant blade length with minimal progressive offset for superior shot making with the narrow, cambered sole with optimized bounce angles provides crisp contact. Additional Features: Dynamic Gold Shaft- High performance, tour-proven shaft provides player-preferred feel, weight feedback and shot control Stock Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold for enhanced performance and feel Stock Grip: Titleist Tour Velvet by Golf Pride

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