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Titleist NXT Tour


Pros: Durability

I had been playing the Bridgestone E6 with good results off the tee. But even though it did exactly what it's supposed to do (go straight), it was more difficult to use around the green. I needed a ball that reduced sidespin like the E6 but softer around the green. This ball has done exactly that. I lost a few yds in distance off the tee (shot dispersion not as tight as E6), but more than made up for it by being able to control it better around the green (chipping, pitching and putting). The new dual dimple look of the E6 doesn't appeal to me either. After 2 rounds with the NXT Tour I am sold. Shot 6 and 8 under my handicap.


Pros: Long, durable

The NXT Tour is a good ball in all categories, but not an over-whelming leader.

As for distance, the NXT Tour gave me some of my longer drives. I was driving what seemed to be 10 or so yards farther with it than the other mid-priced balls I'd tried so far, the only exception being the Bridgestone e5. The NXT Tour had a softer feel to it off the driver, however, than the e5. And I don't know if I had a couple lucky straight-hitting days, but I hardly hooked a ball with the NXT Tour, and I'm not known for my driving consistency shot shape-wise.

The wedge spin holds greens well, but not spectacularly. My less-than-great wedge shots didn't roll out too much and my short irons were able to hit about 1/4 of the way from the back of the green and still hold it. But I don't think the spin is impressive compared to some of the other mid-priced balls.

Durability-wise, they didn't scuff easily. Full wedge shots with a 2011 conforming wedge didn't damage them easily and I never took one out of play before I lost it. I played up to 10 holes with a ball and didn't scuff it too badly.

The sound off the putter is decent. A little of the "clicky" sound that non-urethane balls tend to have some of, but not annoyingly so. It sounded maybe a little better than the average mid-priced ball.

I'd say the NXT Tour is a leader, performance-wise, in the mid-priced ball category -- I don't think it's unfairly hyped. But despite being good, you're not getting the best deal for your dollar that exists. It's 11% more expensive per ball than other leaders, so while not overpriced, it's not a great deal.


Pros: Best Ball I played.

Cons: Not much to compare to.

I started using pinnacle gold-distance but softer feel and added distance made green side and putting distances harder to control. Good combination of a distance gainer while slight precision of ProV1 without killing you every time you use on. I don't have much to compare to. And considering most of mine are barely used/ refinished balls. But until I find something I like more. I'll manage


Pros: Durable, good spin for around the green

I used the ball all last season.  They are a nice mid cost ball that is predictable.  They don't get chewed up by my Vokey SM wedges.  I get decent spin on pitch shots that will stop quickly, but not back up much more than a foot, which is fine for me.  I have average swing speed, 80 - 85 for 6 irons, so these work well.

Titleist NXT Tour

Titliest NXT 2010 Tour Golf Ball The Titliest NXT 2010 Tour Golf Ball is designed for average to highly skilled golfers seeking the ultimate combination of soft feel, high performance control and long distance. Advanced, multi-layer construction, with a new Tour-proven, higher coverage dimple design and Staggered Wave Parting Line provide longer, more consistent distance. The NXT Tour is longer with the driver and long irons while maintaining soft feel and high performance control into and around the green. Additional Features: Material: Polybutadiene Diameter: 1.580 inches Composition: Fusablend

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