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Good mid-priced ball

A Review On: Titleist NXT Tour

Titleist NXT Tour

Rated # 18 in Golf Balls
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Pros: Long, durable

The NXT Tour is a good ball in all categories, but not an over-whelming leader.

As for distance, the NXT Tour gave me some of my longer drives. I was driving what seemed to be 10 or so yards farther with it than the other mid-priced balls I'd tried so far, the only exception being the Bridgestone e5. The NXT Tour had a softer feel to it off the driver, however, than the e5. And I don't know if I had a couple lucky straight-hitting days, but I hardly hooked a ball with the NXT Tour, and I'm not known for my driving consistency shot shape-wise.

The wedge spin holds greens well, but not spectacularly. My less-than-great wedge shots didn't roll out too much and my short irons were able to hit about 1/4 of the way from the back of the green and still hold it. But I don't think the spin is impressive compared to some of the other mid-priced balls.

Durability-wise, they didn't scuff easily. Full wedge shots with a 2011 conforming wedge didn't damage them easily and I never took one out of play before I lost it. I played up to 10 holes with a ball and didn't scuff it too badly.

The sound off the putter is decent. A little of the "clicky" sound that non-urethane balls tend to have some of, but not annoyingly so. It sounded maybe a little better than the average mid-priced ball.

I'd say the NXT Tour is a leader, performance-wise, in the mid-priced ball category -- I don't think it's unfairly hyped. But despite being good, you're not getting the best deal for your dollar that exists. It's 11% more expensive per ball than other leaders, so while not overpriced, it's not a great deal.


Nice review, I also like this ball, but I have stopped playing Titleist balls, because all models don't last long enough compared to other brands.
Since I live on a golf course and play mostly stray one-hit wonders, I usually play Pro V1x or B330-s. But if I have to buy a ball, IMO, the best value you can get is the NXT Tour. The performance is not that far behind the $45 balls. Good feel, distance and stopping power. I play the ones of these I find too.
I agree that it is a good ball... if I'm playing a mid priced ball its either these or the Gamer V2... I like the V2 because its a little cheaper.
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