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Titleist Vokey Tour Chrome Spin Milled Wedges


Pros: Consistency, spin control , feel, strike

Cons: None

I took delivery of a Vokey Spin milled CC 50-08 wedge today after reading the excellent reviews on TheSandTrap.  I had never used one and only use the standard Wilson Deep Red II wedges that I got with my iron set.  I opted for the 50 degree version as it fitted neatly between my 44 degree wedge and 55 degree sand wedge.  By my reckoning the Vokey would play about 105 yards.  Up until now I had been using the Wedge for every shot from 90 to 120 yds.

I unpacked the Vokey and went straight to my local par 3 course, which has good quality, if a bit firm, greens. Most of the greens are raised which means if you miss the green you can end up in trouble.  The first hole measured 105 yds downhill to the centre.  This had caused me problems as my gentle wedge rarely gripped and usually rolled off the green and down one of the slopes on either side or off the back.  On the other hand a full sand wedge just didn't have the legs to reach the putting surface.

I took a couple of practice swings with the Vokey to adjust to the relatively short shaft (compared with my Deep Reds, then took it on.  Using a smooth swing I was relieved to here a resounding click as I clipped the ball of the surface.  The ball seemed to fly on a very high trajectory, but I could tell immediately that the distance was spot on.  The ball thumped down on the green and hopped once to one side the sat down, good as gold, on the green. I went on to use the Vokey on 8 of the 9 holes either from the tee (playing off the deck) or around the green.  Whilst I need to work a bit to get the touch for use around the green (I usually use a 7 or 8 iron to chip and run) I was amazed at how quickly I got used to the Vokey.

It was amazing!  I didn't think it was possible for me, a medium/high handicapper, to get that level of control and spin even out of the bunkers.  I wiintend to replace my PW and SW with other Vokeys.  I'll be looking to leave myself 100yd pitches whenever possible.  Only wish I'd invested in one earlier.  Thank you Titleist, thank you TheSandTrap.




Pros: Spin, Feel, Configuration options

Cons: A little reflective after a lot of use

These are terrific wedges. I have nothing bad to say about them at all. I got the 52.08 and 56.11 configurations.

The feel is terrific. I really like the slightly heaver-feeling heads. The short and long shot feel is great. The grinds are perfect for chips, pitches, and flop shots. I also like the more square-like leading edge. I'd never liked pulling my GW for full swing approach shots, but now I love it. These are my favorite clubs in the bag and almost mind-readers. I never hit a bad shot and have a single negative thought about the club's performance. I wish my irons felt this good.

Obviously, green-side spin is probably what SM wedges are known the best for. They didn't disappoint. I play the more spiny of the mid-priced balls and even with my 20 HDCP ball striking I was getting the ball to stop in one hop. Gouging out of the rough still allows for some stopping ability.

The shape is pleasing to the eye that enjoys a classic head shape. The decorations on the back are fairly minimal and at address there is nothing shape or color-wise that's distracting. The matte-ish finish gradually wears away and the club becomes more reflective -- but it's hardly a big deal.

I sampled a lot of the different configurations and was very tempted to get the 58.08 instead of the 56.11. It's definitely worth examining all the different grinds available, they have a lot of good choices.


Pros: Easy to hit, consistent, excellent control

Agree with the other posters, great wedge.  I have the 50-06, 54-11, 54-14 and 58-08.  I swtich the 54s depending on the sand of the course.  I use the NXT Tour ball and it will stop dead on the green.  I like the flatter leading edge as compared the Cleveland Wedges (which are nice too) just for my swing style.  Excellent for chipping.


Pros: Feel, Spin, Control, Many Configurations

Cons: Break-in Period

These wedges are the real deal...just make sure to do your homework and get the correct bounce for your swing type and course conditions.  I use the 54/10 and 60/08 which provide me with the best combination for the courses I play.  I found that hitting the bunker early helped to break-in the faces because out of the box they almost spin too much!  They are versatile and easy to control in terms of trajectory and distance.  If you can't hit the shot with a Vokey, then you just can't hit the shot!


Pros: Grooves are 2nd to none, very soft feeling, spin is fantastic

Cons: in 3 more days they'll never be manufactured again

Beautiful wedges that are 2nd to none.



I have ultimate control with all 4 that I own, so much that I traded in my PW that came with my irons and went with the 48* Vokey that I soon thereafter bent to 47*. I don't have anywhere near as much confidence with any other club in my hand than I do with my Vokey.


I can use each wedge for a variety of shots with ease, just love having the options for a bunch that come with having a 52*, 56* and 60*


Titleist Vokey Tour Chrome Spin Milled Wedges

Titleist Vokey Tour Chrome Spin Milled Wedge The latest creation from master craftsman Bob Vokey, this Titleist Vokey Tour Chrome Spin Milled Wedge offers the ultimate Tour-proven choices in loft, bounce and sole grinds. It s no wonder the Titleist Vokey has been the No. 1 wedge on the PGA Tour since 2004.

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