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Top-Flite Gamer V2 Golf Balls


Pros: Affordable, Performs with Middle Tier Balls

Cons: Not a Pro V

I used these balls last year to get down into a comfortable 5 index. Often called the "Poor Man's ProV", there is good reason for this. This ball not only out-performs balls in the under $20 category, it also competes with balls in the under $30 category as well. The distance is fine with low spin off the driver, it performs well with the mid irons, and has more than enough spin to be predictable off the short irons with decent feel off the putter. For someone that wants a better ball for a great price, the Gamer V2 won't disappoint! 


Pros: Distance and Spin

Cons: None yet

I found myself looking for a ball with more spin than what I was playing but still at a reasonable price when I came across some reviews of the Top Flite Gamer V2.  Wow, am I impressed!  Now, it doesn't spin like a Pro V1 but since it costs only 40% of what a Pro V1 costs the fact that I can spin a wedge back a few feet or stop a 9 iron with next to no roll out is pretty amazing to me.  Off of the driver I get more that acceptable distance with less side spin than expected.  The mid-irons have a bit more spin but travel a reproducible distance.  To find a three piece ball for less than $20 that performs as well as much more expensive balls is a treat.  My only concern now is availability, since Callaway sold the Top Flite brand to Golf Galaxy/ Dick's Sporting Goods.  My concern is that they will turn this into a "house brand" ball and either change its characteristics, its price, or discontinue it altogether.  Buy them while you can.  I just got six 15 packs online for $81 delivered to tide me over for quite a while.


Pros: Solid performance from tee to green

Cons: Not as soft as say a ProV1 but at less than 1/2 the cost who cares

I HATE Top Flight balls, or 'pop rocks' as I prefer to call them. A friend of mine said to try a  box of Gamers V2 to see what I thought. Wow, for $20 you can't go wrong. All in all and excellent ball. If I ever get to a single digit handicap maybe I'll look elsewhere but that's not going to happen so it's the Gamer for me.


Pros: Wedge spin, distance, price

For its price range, the Top Flight Gamer v2 is, at a minimum, a contender for all-round "best value" ball, if not the leader of that category.

The wedge spin doesn't match premium ball, but it does spin very well. A well-struck 9-iron only rolls out a few feet for me, and I've had a few great pitches that hardly rolled out at all. The wedge spin is definitely the best in its price range. I believe that the v2 spins a little less than the original did, but I'm not positive. If there's a difference, it's minimal.

I'm not sure how to evaluate its distance performance, but I'm driving it a little farther than I did the original Gamer. That said, I made swing changes about when I changed balls, so I don't know how much the ball contributed. At a minimum the v2 didn't lose any distance. That said, it's not a distance-oriented ball, so if distance is your only concern there are better options available.

The durability in v2 was improved upon since the original. I played the original Gamer and I found (as did many others) that it scuffed and shredded very easily. The Gamer v2 definitely fixed that problem. I have found the v2 to actually be on the resilient side.

In summary: The v2 fixed the durability issue in the original version without compromising any of it's playability. All said, the v2 isn't a leader in any specific category (spin, distance, durability), but it does a good job in all of them. And for $20, it's hard to find a comparable ball, I would easily compare it against $30 competitors. It won't rob you of distance, it holds greens well, and it doesn't scuff easily.
Top-Flite Gamer V2 Golf Balls

Every golfer has a ball they put in play when it counts. You just found your Gamer. This new ball features award-winning Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics and provides total 3-piece performance from tee to green. The cover has been reformulated for increased durability, longer distance and superior short-game spin for increased greenside control. The highly resilient core is softer to produce better feel off the clubface. The new DuPont HPF mantle layer increases ball speed and reduces driver spin to maximize distance off the tee. Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics:Unique aerodynamic surface maintains spin longer throughout flight, increasing aerodynamic efficiency by reducing drag to maximize distance for a wide range of swing speeds. Soft, Thin, More Durable Cover: Provides superior short-game spin and feel for great control around the greens with better durability. High-Resiliency Core with Better Feel: Provides outstanding distance while maintaining soft feel. DuPont HPF Mantle Layer: Increases ball speed and reduces spin off the driver to maximize distance.

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