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Great performance for $20

A Review On: Top-Flite Gamer V2 Golf Balls

Top-Flite Gamer V2 Golf Balls

Rated # 2 in Mid-Level
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Price paid: $20.00
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Pros: Wedge spin, distance, price

For its price range, the Top Flight Gamer v2 is, at a minimum, a contender for all-round "best value" ball, if not the leader of that category.

The wedge spin doesn't match premium ball, but it does spin very well. A well-struck 9-iron only rolls out a few feet for me, and I've had a few great pitches that hardly rolled out at all. The wedge spin is definitely the best in its price range. I believe that the v2 spins a little less than the original did, but I'm not positive. If there's a difference, it's minimal.

I'm not sure how to evaluate its distance performance, but I'm driving it a little farther than I did the original Gamer. That said, I made swing changes about when I changed balls, so I don't know how much the ball contributed. At a minimum the v2 didn't lose any distance. That said, it's not a distance-oriented ball, so if distance is your only concern there are better options available.

The durability in v2 was improved upon since the original. I played the original Gamer and I found (as did many others) that it scuffed and shredded very easily. The Gamer v2 definitely fixed that problem. I have found the v2 to actually be on the resilient side.

In summary: The v2 fixed the durability issue in the original version without compromising any of it's playability. All said, the v2 isn't a leader in any specific category (spin, distance, durability), but it does a good job in all of them. And for $20, it's hard to find a comparable ball, I would easily compare it against $30 competitors. It won't rob you of distance, it holds greens well, and it doesn't scuff easily.


Liked the original Gamer. Just got some V2s for Christmas. Will be playing them this weekend.
Gotta agree with you - played a couple dozen last summer as the pro recommended them to me. Parred the front that day...thought that they played great, especially for the money. I thought they played a lot like my Taylormade Penta, but with less spin on the wedge shots.
One final thing...they feel good off the putter.
Played a sleeve last fall. Full wedges and short irons spin back a few inches. Partial wedges came in as "one hoppers," similar to present ball. Not sure on overall distance.
Will try .v2 as my main ball in upcoming season.
Just got back from my round. Your review is spot on. Same distance as original, same spin. Looks and feels better after a few holes than the previous scuff magnet original gamer.
Best ball for the money...spins very well.
TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Golf Balls › Mid-Level › Top-Flite Gamer V2 Golf Balls › Reviews › B-Con's Review