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Excellent Swing Weight due to it versatility

A Review On: Torc Swingtrainer

Torc Swingtrainer

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Pros: Easy to install, Multi-location placement on club, works with any club, variable swing weight for warm up.

Cons: Torc is not clear enough on their claims as to why placement in different positions will provide stated improvement.

The Torc Swingtrainer is a flexible, wrap-on swing weight that attaches to any golf shaft.  It is an innovative approach to a swing weight in its design and application to the club.  


I've used this swing weight for a couple of weeks now.  As a swing weight, it is by far the best.  Why you ask?  It is easy to install.  It will work with any club and can be placed virtually anywhere on the club.  What this provides is a variable swing weight that will work for any club, wedges to driver.  It will also not potentially harm your club or shaft like weighted donuts.  It will not accidentally fall off and annoy others at the range like the Pro Acitve Sports Swing Sock Performance Weight (actual experience!).


What the maker needs to improve upon are the videos that make claims on improving certain aspects to your swing.  More detail on why improvement will be attained is needed.  If found the claims a bit unclear.


Torc shows three positions for use:


At the handle.



This position increases the overall weight of the club, but not the swing weight per se.  I use this as the start position for warm up.  Nice easy swings that do not strain your wrists.  As an older player (over 50), I need a gradual warm up to prevent stress on my joints.  This position is an excellent first stage in a proper warm up.  Torc claims that this promotes a better release in the Hank Haney video, but doesn't really state why to my satisfaction.


At the hosel:



This position significantly increases swing weight.  I make easy long swings and work to stretch my hips and shoulders.  On longer clubs, like the driver, it can really work your body.  However, it can also strain your wrists if you overdo it.  It is not quite as effective as the Orange Whip in a full workout for your core, but is good warm up tool.  The Torc videos talk about warm up with this position, but I would warm up first with the handle position.


At the balance point:



This position increases the swing weight but not as much as at the hosel.  I move down to this position last and work on full swings while maintaining form.  The stress on your wrists increases but is less than the hosel position.  You can add some power in this position without undue stress on the wrists.  


Again, the video makes claims on improving the plane of your swing, but doesn't really tell you why in a convincing manner..  I would suggest Torc improve the videos and let the customer know why with specifics and data.


The website is still incomplete on the features and benefits, but I expect that to be completed soon.  The cost is currently $20 and it is only available in one weight.  Due to its multi-position approach, I don't see the need for another weight, but stronger players may want this.


All together, this is an excellent warm up weight.  I recommend it over other systems.


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