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Tornado Tee High Performance Golf Tee Reviews

Positive Reviews


Overall a good tee


Pros: Consistent height, adjustable, durable

Cons: Harder to put into ground (not much), maybe a bit goofy

Overall, the Tornado Tee is a good product. It claims to add more distance to your tee shots by reducing spin, and while I'm not ready to say that it does, I don't think that it takes any distance away.         One thing that I really liked about the tee is that it gives a consistent height every time. For me, sticking it in the ground all the way with the mesh extended is perfect for my driver. You can also collapse the mesh down if you are going to be using a fairway wood or hybrid off the tee.  Also, since the part in the ground is plastic and the part you are hitting off is mesh and just moves with the stroke, the tee doesn't fly out of the...
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Negative Reviews


A better tee?


Pros: Innovative design

Cons: Complicates the ball-teeing process, difficult to keep ball on the tee, no discernible added distance, tee breaks easily

Okay. To begin with, I will admit I am skeptical over any golf tee that purports added distance. It just seems to me the object used to place a ball on would have extremely little effect on a club swinging at 100 mph, launching the ball at 130 mph.   But I did my best to set that skepticism aside when I tried out the Tornado Tee today at the driving range.   The tee is a unique design, the bottom half being a plastic (which I will get to later) and the top half being a mesh-style material that compresses when you push the tee, with the ball on top of it, into the ground. The instructions say to push the material down first, put the ball on top of it, drive both into...
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More Reviews


Nice tees, but not my style.


Pros: Durability

Cons: Practicality

The Tornado Tee is one of the numerous new tees on the market claiming to improve your performance in some way or another.  Their claim is that the reduced spin will give you an extra 10-15 yards in distance AND reduce your side-to-side dispersion by 5-10 yards.   I have always been skeptical of these type of grand claims in any piece of golf equipment, and especially in tees - partially because I've yet to see a Tour player use anything besides a normal wooden tee.  Regardless, I wanted to see for myself so I took these tees out to the range and the course this weekend to give them a try.   The tees sort of resemble a miniature badminton shuttlecock, with...
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Great concept, tough to replace tried and true


Pros: reuseable, long lasting, added distance

Cons: clunky height adjustment, abnormal placement

The Tornado Tee touts more distance off the tee by reducing resistance caused by traditional tees. Reduced resistance is achieved by using a flexible mesh like material, which bends as the club head passes through impact. The result is more energy transfer to the ball. An added benefit of this flexibility is also increased durability.   I have used three types of tees during my rounds, a 2 ¾” traditional wood tee or zero friction plastic tee with the driver and 1 ¼” wood tee for irons and fairway woods. The Tornado Tee can replace all of them as the flexible mesh can be used at full height or collapsed down (see pictures).   However, this is a negative for myself....
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