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Great concept, tough to replace tried and true

A Review On: Tornado Tee High Performance Golf Tee

Tornado Tee High Performance Golf Tee

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Pros: reuseable, long lasting, added distance

Cons: clunky height adjustment, abnormal placement

The Tornado Tee touts more distance off the tee by reducing resistance caused by traditional tees. Reduced resistance is achieved by using a flexible mesh like material, which bends as the club head passes through impact. The result is more energy transfer to the ball. An added benefit of this flexibility is also increased durability.

I have used three types of tees during my rounds, a 2 ¾” traditional wood tee or zero friction plastic tee with the driver and 1 ¼” wood tee for irons and fairway woods. The Tornado Tee can replace all of them as the flexible mesh can be used at full height or collapsed down (see pictures).
However, this is a negative for myself. At full height the Tornado Tee is 3 ¼” and collapsed down is 2”. The full height dimension was more of an issue than the collapsed dimension, mainly due to the method suggested to place the tee in the ground. One must first collapse the mesh portion, press the tee
in ground, then extend the mesh back up to reach full height. While this is certainly a minor critique, if you are like me, setting your tee height is almost a subconscious act. I have placed my tee in a particular manner and at a decided height so many times it is second nature. Placing the Tornado Tee
does not need much more effort, but learning how to place the collapsed tee to achieve the desired full height will take some learning.
Speaking to durability, I break 2-3 wood tees on average per round and have yet to have any issues with the Tornado Tee. I received 5 tees in the package and have only used 1 without much indication of wear. Wood tees are fairly cheap, but over time the Tornado Tee will eventually pay for itself.
Lastly, added distance. Unfortunately, I do not have access to trackman or flightscope to definitively say I have added distance by simply using the Tornado Tee. In the short time I have used the Tornado Tee, it is plausible to say that I have added some distance, it has not been a drastic increase ( ~5 yds).  Again this is purely an estimation, but I can say I have not lost distance.
The Tornado Tee is definitely durable and with more use, more charting, may yield solid proof of added distance. My feeling of the tee height/placement technique is certainly a personal opinion and may be less of an issue for others. Overall, my experience has been mostly positive, but this will be one area where I will stick with the old school tech.
















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