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A Review On: Tornado Tee High Performance Golf Tee

Tornado Tee High Performance Golf Tee

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Pros: Innovative design

Cons: Complicates the ball-teeing process, difficult to keep ball on the tee, no discernible added distance, tee breaks easily

Okay. To begin with, I will admit I am skeptical over any golf tee that purports added distance. It just seems to me the object used to place a ball on would have extremely little effect on a club swinging at 100 mph, launching the ball at 130 mph.


But I did my best to set that skepticism aside when I tried out the Tornado Tee today at the driving range.


The tee is a unique design, the bottom half being a plastic (which I will get to later) and the top half being a mesh-style material that compresses when you push the tee, with the ball on top of it, into the ground. The instructions say to push the material down first, put the ball on top of it, drive both into the ground, then 'fluff up' the mesh, then place the ball on top of the mesh. Apparently the mesh reduces/eliminates whatever resistance other tees impart.


If you say so.


So I went through the process of teeing a ball. It greatly complicates this process, especially the final step, which is perching the ball on the fluffed-up mesh. The ball falls off easily, so you have to have some patience with it.


So I finally got the ball to stay on the tee, and swung away. I hit about 25 shots with the tee, each time having to go through the tedious teeing process. Was there added distance? I honestly don't know. Good hits went far, bad hits didn't. Did the good ones go farther than a typical tee would have provided? Hell if I know. I mean, seriously, I could not tell - it's not like I could tell if there was 5 or 10 more yards added due to the tee. I will just say that in theory there should be less resistance of the mesh versus the typical wooden tee. But I'm not an engineer.


I mentioned the plastic bottom half. It's plastic. Translation: It breaks easily. I had a 6-tee package & went through 4 of them in hitting 25 drives. They don't last.


So let's add this up. They complicate the teeing process, can cause frustration in doing something that is mostly automatic for golfers, and the added hassle doesn't necessarily translate to added distance.


I would say to save your money & use it to grab a handful of wooden tees from the barrel at your local golf shop.





Interesting comments about the durability of the tees... I too reviewed them and though they were very durable... of the 6 they are still intact.
I reviewed them as you did Tristan, seemed durable to me the first couple of times I used them ... then I used them a few more times on the range, and had the exact same problem as Zip. Of the 5 (I think) in the package I got, I think there are 2 left. If I came into the ball a little bit low, I basically just sheared the top of the tee right off.
Interesting... I used one for a couple rounds and it broke when I tried to use it for an iron shot... Other than that one, I haven't had a durability issue, and I think that was more because of the fact it was an iron shot. Overall, though, I didn't feel I really gained anything from them, so they have found their way to my wife's bag... Good tee for her as she can tee up her driver and fairway woods/hybrids at a consistent height without much effort.
Right - the mesh part sheared off from the plastic part, rendering the tee useless. Now granted, if you catch the shot properly, that shouldn't happen. Btu how many of us are that good?
Okay - I was at the range today & hit a few drives with the Tornado Tee. I caught one drive a little low & snapped off the mesh part from the plastic part. I posted the pic in my review above.