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Tour Edge XCG3 Iron Set 3-PW


Pros: well built ,good looking, over perform

Cons: there so good I had to buy another set for florida

Until October of this year I never heard of the  Tour Edge Exotics line of clubs. I was aware of the J-max tour edge clubs as my Brother-inlaw had a couple of hybrids in his bag but I never gave it much thought. Since then I have become a total convert to the Exotics line. Driver to sand wedge. I have two sets of each. I also have a pile of BIG NAME clubs sitting in my garage collecting dust. The xcg-3 Irons performed from day one and have not disappointed me yet. My brother-inlaw ask me how the mishits feel with the irons. I told him I will let him know when I make a mishit! No kidding I feel that good at address with these clubs. They have a minimal offset similar to players clubs. I have a natural draw (played hockey for over 30 years?) so the offset stuff works against me. The exotics IMO have put all the good game improvement features into there clubs with the exception of the extreme offset. I can not wait to get to florida this winter to try these new toys out in warm conditions.

Tour Edge XCG3 Iron Set 3-PW

Tour Edge XCG3 Iron Set 3-PW with KBS Tour Steel Shafts The Tour Edge XCG3 Iron Set continues the seamless integration between technology and classic looks, the XCG-3 s dual-density dampening system takes feel to an unprecedented level. Improving on forgiveness, the XCG-3 is a slightly larger version of the award-winning XCG design. The XCG-3 s classic head shape is traditional in design while providing advanced technology to improve your game. These irons improve our dual-density dampening system (3DS) by covering the entire cavity with an ultra-light carbon and thermal plastic elastomer (TPE). This new dampening system is lighter in weight, enabling a thinner face design for improved forgiveness. The key to the 3DS system is the use of two different TPE inserts with varying firmness. The inserts are softer in the scoring irons (7-SW) to produce a more responsive feel and greater spin. In the mid and long irons a denser insert promotes greater rebound, added distance, and a firmer feel. Additional Features: Iron Construction: Cast Material: Stainless Steel Set Composition: 3-Pitching Wedge Shaft: Fujikura Motore Red

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