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Tour Striker Pro Swing Trainers


Pros: Simple to use and it Works! Best $100 bucks I've spent on golf equipment.

Cons: Need to learn new distances on short irons.

I picked up the Tour Striker about a month ago and have taken out to the range twice.  It is super easy to figure out when you are using it correctly just by swinging the club.  I also have been swining it daily at the office just to get get a break from being behind my computer...  The results have been obviously as wedges through 6 iron distances are so much longer I'm having to train myself to club down 1-2 clubs.  The first couple of rounds I played I was blowing my 9 iron over greens.  I've tried a lot of swing trainers and most sit in the corner after a while but this one is so easy to use even if you are just swinging it in the office it will get you grooved for the course.  Highly Recommended. 


Pros: Does what it claims

Cons: A little pricy

The product does what it claims.  I could not keep a flat left wrist.  I am finding that I am hitting my MP 58's with more authority than I was before.  I am still getting the hang of keeping that left wrist flat.   I bought the Pro 7.   I have used it 5-6 times.  I am really noticing with the wedges as well.


Pros: easy to use, clear pass/fail results, and useful all around.

Cons: Can be faked a little, especially off mats. Striving to get results can lead to moving head forward.

Pretty awesome training aid all around. Simple to use, not easy to "fake" the results, and gets at what many would call THE single most important fundamental - a flat left wrist with forward shaft lean at impact.

Tour Striker Pro Swing Trainers

Tour Striker Pro...Learn The Secret To Ball Striking! One percent of golfers strike golf balls correctly. The Tour Striker Pro training club will intuitively help you understand leverage and how to apply the clubhead to the golf ball in the same manner as the best players in the world. Tour Striker Pro Swing Trainers feature: 2 models available: 5-Iron 7-Iron Distinctive design with little clubface below the "sweetspot" Intuitively promotes the essentials of clubhead-to-ball impact Geared for dedicated practitioners with higher swing speeds and a handicap of 10 or less Teaches you how to hit down on the golf ball and deliver the sweetspot of the club to the ball like an expert ball striker Vibration dampening logo affixed within the back cavity reduces shock on mis-hit shots while developing ball striking skills Learn how to have world-class impact conditions and strike golf balls purely, accurately and with great control Helps your swing develop its own successful signature Rubber "Crossline" Round grip Cast of 433 stainless steel Stiff flex shaft Hand: Right Find Your Sweetspot With The Tour Striker!

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