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True Linkswear TRUE sensei


Pros: Comfortable, light weight, versatility, looks

Cons: Possibly not the greatest for wet weather

I must say that I've been a fan of True Linkswear and their shoes from the beginning. I first heard of True Linkswear on this site when the original TRUE tours were announced and I wanted them from the start. I finally got my first pair about 6 months after their initial release and absolutely loved them.


Anyways, after hearing about the TRUE sensei for the first time, I did a bit of research decided that they were something that I wanted to get, especially since my primary pair of TRUEs (2011 tours, white) were getting a bit worn out considering I wear them everywhere. I ordered them on the 11/1 (the first day the were available) and they arrived a few days later. Here are my thoughts on them.


First off, they tend to run slightly larger than the original tours... In the 2011 tours I wore a 10.5 and in these I'm wearing a 10... From what I feel, the 10 in the sensei is slightly smaller than the 10.5 in the 2011 tours but not by much, and I feel that a 10.5 would have been too big. However, if you have any of the newer TRUEs, stay with the size you have as according to an email from TRUE, all of the sizing on the 2012s should be the same.


As far as comfort goes, these are as good as it gets. The shoes are extremely light weight and almost have a slipper feel. As I've mentioned in other conversations about these shoes, they are the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn, not golf shoe, but any shoe. The only thing that may throw somebody off with these is that they have a zero drop heel (like all TRUE linkswear shoes) so your heel is the same distance from the ground as your forefoot. If you are not use to this it may feel that these shoes put you back onto your heels. I walked 18 holes today at Desert Dunes golf course (I don't walk often as the majority of courses around me don't allow it), and even though I'm not use to the walking, my feet and legs feel fine.


From a performance stand point, I like these shoes because I find it easier to read the greens. The fact that they are zero drop plus the removal of the mid sole, puts you very close to the ground and lets you read the greens with your feet. The only knock I have on these is that they may not be the greatest in wet weather or for early morning rounds when the grass is still wet... not because of any slipping problems (I haven't had any) but because of with the mesh upper your feet will get kind of wet. Obviously that is to be expected however, and for those early morning rounds I'll stick with my TRUE tours or stealths (both of which are waterproof).


One place where the sensei has made a big improvement is in the esthetics department. I personally love my 2011 tours, but to some people they look like clown shoes... these don't. They look like any other athletic type golf or running shoe. Which brings me to my next point.


These shoes are versatile. Not only do I wear them on the course but everywhere else as well... they are that comfortable and they look good, so why not. While I haven't yet, I plan to start running and these will do the job just fine.


The bottom line is that these are great shoes and if you are in the market for a new pair, this should be on your short list of shoes to check out. I liked mine so much that I purchased a second pair (the black ones) a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be happier.



One note about price... on the True Linkswear site they are $99 (and worth every penny of that), but if you are a Supporter/Forum Leader here on the Sand Trap, there is a coupon code available that'll save you $10. This is how I got my first pair... the second pair I bought at a local retailer (Pete Carlsons in Palm Desert) and they had them at $10 off so it worked out to the same price.

True Linkswear TRUE sensei

Made for Golf, Ready for Anything The TRUE sensei might just be the most versatile golf shoe ever created, supported by the fact that Ryan Moore won a PGA TOUR event and TRUE's President ran a Marathon wearing the sensei on the same day. The TRUE sensei was designed to function at a TOUR level on the course, while also providing a super comfortable platform and breathable upper that would allow golfers to wear it off the course on trails, the road, while traveling or at the gym. The ultimate cross over shoe for golf and life with the comfort that you can only expect from TRUE linkswear.

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