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True Linkswear - TRUE tour 2012


Pros: Comfort + Low-profile Design + Easy to Clean + Stealthy = One Happy Customer

Cons: A little pricey ($149), but I picked these up on sale


These are fantastic golf shoes... They easily double down as street shoes as well.  And I'm extremely pleased with the quality and comfort the True Tour's provide my feet.  My dogs are no longer barking after a full day on the course!
The Black/Black is stealthy, and very easy to maintain.  I simply use a damp clean cloth to wipe down each shoe, then dry them off.  They look like new in seconds.  A huge plus for a golfer who plays dozens of rounds a month, and wants to have a clean, fresh look on the course.
Also, the low profile barefoot platform makes reading the slope of greens a breeze.  Practically like walking around in the comfort of your home in socks or barefoot...  A huge plus for Aimpoint green reading techniques.  
If Mars Blackman were here, he'd say "It's gotta be the shoes!"
PS. I paid $74.70 - as TRUE was having a huge sale.  But I put price as a con as they are normally $149.00 which makes them a little more expensive than most folks would be willing to pay.  After wearing these now for a few weeks - and playing in them nearly every day... I'm a believer.  And will buy TRUE shoes in the future. Even if I were to pay full price.
True Linkswear - TRUE tour 2012

2012 TRUE tour black/black golf shoe.

Additional Information2 Year Waterproof Guarantee
Additional InformationDual Density Anti-slip Rubber Sole
Additional InformationErgoTraction 2.0 Outsole
Additional InformationErgo fit Insole
Additional InformationMemory Foam Heel
Additional Information3D Mesh Liner
Additional InformationSock fit Liner
Additional InformationBarefoot Platform
Additional InformationFull Grain Waterproof Leather Upper
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Shoes › Men's Shoes › True Linkswear - TRUE tour 2012