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True Linkswear TRUE Tour Golf Shoes Reviews

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Tried them-Can't wear them


Pros: Nice wide toe box

Cons: Little padding on sole

I had been looking for some new golf shoes with a wide toe box.  Saw these shoes a the PGA store in Scottsdale and purchased them.  Tried them out on the range, but just walking to the range hurt my feet.  I do have sensitive feet and wear orthothics.  Even with my inserts, there was not enough padding for my feet. Toe box was fine, but not enough padding on the sole.

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Light weight, comfortable , like not wearing shoes


Pros: very comfortable

Cons: expensive, a little unusual looking (wide front)

I am the Imelda Marcos of golf shoes. I have a closet full of golf shoes in all makes,  colors and styles. These are my new favorite. I bought a pair of these after reading about Jim Colton walking 155 holes in one day for a fundraiser wearing them. They almost feel as though you aren't weraing shoes at all. I walked 36 holes yesterday and loved them. THye have rubber treads rather than bulit in spikes. They are more comfortable than ECCO's with rubber treads (altough I prefer the look of the ECCOs). I have an inexpensive Footjoy sneaker style shoe that is quite comfortable and much lees expensive, so if cost is a factor I'd suggest the FJ. However, if cost is not a factor you...
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True Tours


Pros: Low heal and wide toes comfortable walking

Cons: Tongue is too stiff

I've had these for five months and a bunch of rounds.  I got the white with brown sides.  For the most part, they are very good.  Good points:   Low heal helps read green slopes very accurately. Sole grips the turf well and does not clog. Wide toe box leave toes feeling great after walking 18. My feet don't felt cramped or fatigued at the end of a round.   Areas for improvement:   tongue is very stiff and dug into my ankle when I first used them.  I had to re-lace the shoes to let the tongue be more loose. The long cleats on the sole are wearing faster the rest.  I still have grip, but at some point they will be...
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Mr. Desmond

True Linkswear Tour


Pros: Comfortable, Stable, No Fatigue Shoes

Cons: Wide Forefoot

Verdict: Most Comfortable, Feel Great Before, During, and after Play.   Cons: Clownish in Bright Colors (or why I Bought Black)   I love these Shoes - before, during, and after play. I don't even realize I'm wearing golf shoes. On the course, you are lower and more in contact with the turf. You can feel the contours of the greens. It gives you an advantage if you listen to your feet. The "cleats" are wide, uniform nub patterns that don't tear into the greens like some other street type shoes. I've had no issues with the waterproofing or any slippage, and see no signs of wear.   Your feet will thank you. To add to the comfort, I replaced the insoles with a...
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Super Comfortable


Pros: Super comfortable, waterproof

Cons: Some slippage

From the conclusion of the full review here: http://thesandtrap.com/b/apparel/true_linkswear_tour_shoes_review   I don't have the fashion sense of Ryan Moore, but as far as I'm concerned the guy is a thought leader in the world of comfortable golf shoes.   The TRUE Tours are, hands down, the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn on the golf course and are, frankly, very nearly the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn anywhere. They fit well, hold up well, and leave my feet feeling great at the end of a long day of teaching or golfing. While they may not be ideal in slippery conditions, they're a winner every other day of the year.   I believe in taking care of...
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Very good shoes


Pros: everything

Cons: I can't think of any.

I had the opportunity to try these on at the merchandise show, and was amazed at the comfort and toe room they have. Being 58 years old, I remember the one pair of earth shoes I owned in the 70's and these reminded me of them - lots of toe room and low heels - not above the rest of the footbed. They probably help me since I have a tendency to go up towards my toes on my through-swing, so no complaints about that from me. I wore these for 36 holes one Saturday in March, with a change of socks after the first 18, and my feet were fine all day - enough said. Zero slippage, and I have since used them in some wet conditions. I still love them and love showing them off and well, bragging...
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