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True Chukka High Top Black/Mud 2013 - A Winter Shoe for the Discerning Golfer who wants additional protection

A Review On: Truelinkswear Chukka Mid 2013

Truelinkswear Chukka Mid 2013

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Mr. Desmond
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Pros: Comfortable, flexible, light, good grip; Minimalist design allows you to feel ground and contours of green.

Cons: More cushion under balls of feet would be welcome

If you're interested in a performance golf shoe that offers more protection from the weather and is comfortable, it's time to look at the True Chukka High Top 2013.


Verdict: If you want a flexible, comfortable, and somewhat fashionable waterproof, winter shoe that you can wear on and off the course, this is your shoe.


Summary: True is a minimalist shoe, designed so you can feel more intimate with the turf and places you in a natural position where your heel is slightly lower than your forefoot.


Right out of the box, the True Chukka is flexible and comfortable. I feared the lack of cushion around the ankle, but those fears were unfounded. My discomfort came from another area - the balls of the feet. After 3+ hours, even with the cushioned insole, the balls of the feet felt the hard base of the shoe. But it did not detract my game and I continued to play another 1.5 hours. The Ninja insole was flexible and gripped the wet ground. The shoe was light, which helped comfort.


Was the sole slippery?


No.  I hit 125 balls on wet ground and had no issues with slippage.


How was the forefoot?


Wide, but my feet did not slip. True builds an elastic liner from the tongue to the base that wraps around your foot so your foot does not thrash around the shoe.


Can I wear these to the store or a restaurant?


Yes, but I would not take them on a date. They made the forefoot too wide and that detracts from the "look." If they went to a Tour Proto forefoot (slightly narrower), these would work well for everyday casual wear.


What did you like about them?


Besides the comfort and ability to feel the contours of the greens, they are light and flexible. The leather was soft and supple - nicely done!


When would you wear these high tops?


Cold and/or wet weather - definitely winter/spring shoes



See the wide forefoot. The brass eyelets are a great touch.



Sideview of the high top




Cushion at the top and bottom but not between - it's not needed. Notice the tongue and look closely for the elastic

band that wraps the forefoot.


I purchased these same shoes and the Ryan Moore SE mid's.  I agree with almost everything you wrote except I had some issues with the sole slipping in wet, hilly areas.  I love these shoes on the greens but not as much when the rest of the course is wet and muddy.
I can see that occurring, and  think these are more prone to slip on a wet hill than the Tour Protos.
TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Shoes › Men's Shoes › Truelinkswear Chukka Mid 2013 › Reviews › Mr. Desmond's Review