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TT4860 48" X 60" Monster Tee Golf Turf


Pros: value, durability, appearance, quality

Cons: price

another one of those purchases I made by spending the time to do research and compare as much as possible to competitors.


This mat has held up to my year long commitment of retuning my golf swing.  That means countless days being hit off of.  Plus it became a permanent fixture on my exposed patio this summer, and I live in TX so it has had its fair share of heat and a few thunderstorm.  I plan to move it into the garage, but not until the weather really changes.


If you want a mat for a season plus, get this.  


A side note: I wish all ranges came equipped with this mat.  Nothing I have used at a range compares.  Plus the cat loves to sleep on it at night.  She's hada mishap or two, and it cleans up with a high pressure hose.


Pros: Real turf feel, holds a tee

Cons: None that I can find

Ever since first hitting full shots from a spring crimped nylon mat, I knew that I wouldn't - couldn't - settle for anything less.  Spring crimped nylon is the closest thing to hitting from real grass that I have ever experienced.  However, when I looked for mats made of this material online, I figured I'd never be able to justify the cost, or I'd just have to settle for a narrow strip of it.  I saw mats measuring 60 x 60" advertised for $499.00 online.


Then I ran across the All Turf Mats website.  Their 60 x 60" Monster Tee Golf Turf mat sells for $99.00.  In all fairness, it isn't exactly like the expensive mats I had seen.  Those mats had a thicker rubber substrate under the spring crimped nylon surface.  All Turf Mats sells that model for $199.00!


I opted for the thinner model ($99.00) and haven't regretted it one bit.  The spring crimped nylon absorbs impact just like lush turfgrass, so you can really feel proper impact and compression the way you would on the course.  Another great feature of the Monster Tee Golf Turf mat is that it will accept a regular tee. No need for a silly rubber tee interfering with contact when you are swinging your driver.  Tee 'em up and let 'er rip!


Value wise, you simply cannot beat the All Turf Mats Monster Tee Golf Turf mat.  If $99.00 is too steep, they have smaller models.  The 48 x 60" mat costs just $79.00, and they sell small strips (13 x 20") of the material for as little $7.50!  Better still, shipping is reasonable - my 60 x 60" mat cost less than $20.00 to ship - and fast.  I ordered it on a Thursday evening, and it was delivered the following Monday.


If you are in the market for a spring crimped nylon golf mat to work on your game in the privacy of your own home, you simply can't go wrong with an All Turf Mats Monster Tee Golf Turf mat.

TT4860 48" X 60" Monster Tee Golf Turf

Made of 100% spring crimped nylon material. It will not fade, bunch, weather or leave marks on your clubs.The mat is 1.250" thick with a urethane backing that will withstand repeated abuse. You do not need special rubber tees. No more hitting off of a predetermined height of a rubber tee. Our mat will accept a real wooden tee which allows you to choose different clubs you want to hit at different heights. Rubber tees also give you a different feel because they obstruct your club at impact. Our mat gives you that on the course feel. Our dense fiber mat allows you to feel the difference on a fat shot because if you go to deep the thick fibers will slow your clubhead speed resulting in a fat shot. In practice you will learn to eliminate your mishit shots. Our competitors golf mat will "bounce" which will result in mishit shots. Our mat lets you hit down and through the ball for better practice.

Feature1.250" Thick
LabelAll Turf Mats
List Price$119.99
ManufacturerAll Turf Mats
Product GroupSports
PublisherAll Turf Mats
StudioAll Turf Mats
TitleTT4860 48" X 60" Monster Tee Golf Turf
Weight23 pounds
Package Quantity1
Height1.5 inches
Length60 inches
Width48 inches
Part NumberTT4860
Additional Information
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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