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All Turf Mats - Monster Tee Golf Turf

A Review On: TT4860 48" X 60" Monster Tee Golf Turf

TT4860 48" X 60" Monster Tee Golf Turf

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Pros: Real turf feel, holds a tee

Cons: None that I can find

Ever since first hitting full shots from a spring crimped nylon mat, I knew that I wouldn't - couldn't - settle for anything less.  Spring crimped nylon is the closest thing to hitting from real grass that I have ever experienced.  However, when I looked for mats made of this material online, I figured I'd never be able to justify the cost, or I'd just have to settle for a narrow strip of it.  I saw mats measuring 60 x 60" advertised for $499.00 online.


Then I ran across the All Turf Mats website.  Their 60 x 60" Monster Tee Golf Turf mat sells for $99.00.  In all fairness, it isn't exactly like the expensive mats I had seen.  Those mats had a thicker rubber substrate under the spring crimped nylon surface.  All Turf Mats sells that model for $199.00!


I opted for the thinner model ($99.00) and haven't regretted it one bit.  The spring crimped nylon absorbs impact just like lush turfgrass, so you can really feel proper impact and compression the way you would on the course.  Another great feature of the Monster Tee Golf Turf mat is that it will accept a regular tee. No need for a silly rubber tee interfering with contact when you are swinging your driver.  Tee 'em up and let 'er rip!


Value wise, you simply cannot beat the All Turf Mats Monster Tee Golf Turf mat.  If $99.00 is too steep, they have smaller models.  The 48 x 60" mat costs just $79.00, and they sell small strips (13 x 20") of the material for as little $7.50!  Better still, shipping is reasonable - my 60 x 60" mat cost less than $20.00 to ship - and fast.  I ordered it on a Thursday evening, and it was delivered the following Monday.


If you are in the market for a spring crimped nylon golf mat to work on your game in the privacy of your own home, you simply can't go wrong with an All Turf Mats Monster Tee Golf Turf mat.


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