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A full season later, even the cat still loves it

A Review On: TT4860 48" X 60" Monster Tee Golf Turf

TT4860 48" X 60" Monster Tee Golf Turf

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Pros: value, durability, appearance, quality

Cons: price

another one of those purchases I made by spending the time to do research and compare as much as possible to competitors.


This mat has held up to my year long commitment of retuning my golf swing.  That means countless days being hit off of.  Plus it became a permanent fixture on my exposed patio this summer, and I live in TX so it has had its fair share of heat and a few thunderstorm.  I plan to move it into the garage, but not until the weather really changes.


If you want a mat for a season plus, get this.  


A side note: I wish all ranges came equipped with this mat.  Nothing I have used at a range compares.  Plus the cat loves to sleep on it at night.  She's hada mishap or two, and it cleans up with a high pressure hose.


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