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Sturdy Water Bottle

A Review On: Tyent Goodlife Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Tyent Goodlife Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Pros: Insulation, Volume

Cons: Diameter

The Goodlife water bottle from Tyent is a slick option for your hydration needs.  It is made from stainless steel, and comes in two sizes; 700mL and 1000mL.  It also comes in 4 colors; silver, purple, red, and gold.  I tested the 700mL bottle in gold.  The first thing that stands out is the sturdiness.  Because of the stainless steel construction, I believe this thing could take a pretty good beating.  (I made a conscioius effort NOT to drop or throw mine around so I guess I can't say for sure)  It has a screw on cap, which I prefer to a lot of the different flip tops, straw tops, or squirt tops out there.  The cap is easy to remove and replace, and does not leak.


My favorite part of this bottle is the insulation.  The bottle claims to keep liquid cold (or hot) for up to 24 hours, and while I can't confirm that, I will say that I saw no discernable drop in temperature of the water at any time during my round.  I probably filled it up 2 or 3 times, so I'd safely estimate that it water sat in there for up to an hour.  After an hour, the water was still just as cold as it was when filled.


The size of the bottle is both good and bad.  It will last long enough that you won't have to search for a drinking fountain to refill it after every hole, but with that volume obviously comes a little bit of weight.  So if you are walking and carrying, you might notice the extra heft in your bag.  If you use a push cart, this bottle MIGHT be perfect for you.  As you can see from the pictures, it easily fits in the water bottle pouch on my Titleist bag.  Most bags noawadays have a similar pouch, so I presume that it would fit all of those.  Of course, if you are pushing, you might have a cup holder on your cart.  This bottle may not fit in it.  The bottle fit (sort of) in the bigger cup holders on the golf cart, as seen below.  I say 'sort of' because it didn't go all the way down, so it's possible that it could have tipped over if you hit a big bump.  (Mine never did)  It also fit like that in the car cup holder after the round, so it seems like its just a hair to big around to fit into a standard cup holder.


Overall, it is a nice solid water bottle that I will definitely continue to use.  I may leave it in the car when I'm walking and carrying, and I may find that I have to leave it in the bag on some carts, depending on the cup holder size, but I love to always have COLD water on hand, so this one's a keeper.
















I really like the looks of the bottle. Very cool looking.
What is the retail price on this bottle? I may pick one up and leave it in my car so that I have something cold to drink - after my round of golf.
@iacas - Yeah, me too. It is a nice looking bottle. @beach - $26.95 for the one I have (700mL) and $29.95 for the 1000mL. The 1000mL has a 1/2" larger diameter so that one is definitely not going to fit in any cupholders that I know of.
I forgot to mention in the review about the water itself. The bottle is "approved for alkaline water" and if that is something that may interest you, you can read more about that at their website www.tyentusa.com. (I just filled it with tap water or water from the jugs along the course)