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Volvik making a bid to gain some serious market share with a variety of new products.

A Review On: Volvik Vista iS Golf Balls - Orange

Volvik Vista iS Golf Balls - Orange

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Ernest Jones
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Pros: High visibility, great colour.

Cons: Felt hard and "clicky" off wedges and putter.

Volvik has recently made a big push to gain a foothold in the the North American golf ball market. I have had the opportunity to review two of their newer products, the Volvik Vista and the Volvik S3 White. This review is of the Volvik Vista, my review of the S3 can be found here.


Initial Impression


I have never been a fan of golf balls in any colour other than traditional white. Call me a traditionalist, a poser or a snob but I just have never liked the look of fluorescent yellow or nuclear orange golf balls. Having said that, the orange of the Vista is really cool looking, kind of pumpkin-like. These balls were definitely easier to pick out against a grey sky backdrop and I can understand why many golfers are big fans of high visibility golf balls. Ironically, I lost all three test balls in the rough over the course of two rounds however the rough hadn't been mowed in quite some time and I'm sure I would have lost any ball just as easily. Still, it struck me as a little ironic.


Off the Tee


On tee shots with woods and hybrids I didn't find there to be a lot of difference in terms of distance when compared to my usual DT Solo ball, however my technique is not the greatest so it was difficult to make direct comparisons from swing to swing.


Approach Shots


This ball felt "OK" off of the irons but certainly not as soft as I like. It's not a range rock by any means but I prefer a softer feel. Perhaps players with a higher swing speed will have a different experience but personally, I much prefer the feel of my DT Solos.


Short Game


On chips and pitches I really noticed the hardness of this ball, almost feels like it has a layer of some kind of shellac or something on it. I am not a high spin player and rely mostly on trajectory to hold greens but this ball seemed to spin well enough for my purposes but nowhere near as well as the S3.




Putting is without a doubt the best part of my game. It is also, perhaps, the most personal and subjective aspect of the game of golf. The "clickiness" of the Vista off of my steel milled putter face was really a turn off for me and ended all chances of me liking this ball. But again, this (putting) stuff is all VERY subjective so others may have an entirely different outlook on this, for that matter players with inserts on their putters may find the ball "lively" and "solid".




If you are a player who likes using high visibility, coloured golf balls give these a shot. It'll only cost a few bucks to buy a sleeve and try them for yourself. As I stated previously, they really did a great job on the colour and it's not obnoxious at all, I'd even go as far as to say that (for an orange ball) it's understated. However, if you like a softer feeling ball you might want to check out the Volvik S3 instead.


Thanks for reading,




Thanks for the review. I've been looking to orange balls for my next set (I currently play yellow Slazenger RAWs, which were $25 for 3 dozen). I've not got great eyesight, nor am I a great golfer, so high-visibility balls are something I like having for longer holes. However, a dozen for $45 is pretty darned pricey, consider I got 36 Slazengers for $25, as I mentioned. I'd probably check these out for about $15-20, but not $45.
Yeah, $45/dz is generally beyond what I'm willing to pay for golfballs too. 
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