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A Review On: Volvik Vista iS Golf Balls - Orange

Volvik Vista iS Golf Balls - Orange

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Pros: Visibility

Cons: Feel

Pretty much an unknown golf ball company to those who play in the USA. Volvik expanded to the USA in 2012 and offers a wide variety of golf balls. The ball I am going to be reviewing is their Vista iS golf ball. 




The Vista iS comes in two colors, orange the the more common yellow. I received a sleeve of the orange ball to review. To me the ball reminds me of playing putt putt as a kid. That doesn't bother me that much. I personally like the orange color over the yellow. If the intent was to make the ball more visible, they have achieved that. The orange REALLY stands out on the course. This ball was easy to find, even in heavier rough. The ball is easy to see in flight as well. 



Besides the different color of this golf ball. Volvik has stepped outside of the box on the technology they put into this ball. This is a 4 piece golf ball, which is typical for a premium ball. The core is high elastic to promote distance. The cover is what they call a Zirconium HZ-III, which is a base material for ceramics. This claims to add durability with out sacrificing feel or spin. 


Off the Tee

Like majority of premium golf balls, the distance is pretty comparable. It isn't the longest ball I have ever hit, but it isn't shortest. This ball wont hurt you off the tee. As for the feel off the driver, its pretty good. Not really soft like other premium golf balls, but not too hard and clanky either. 


Approach Shots

Off full iron shots, this ball was not as soft as other premium golf balls. The problem lies in the cover. When you add a ceramic base material, you are going to had hardness. I guess they are trying to market to those people who end up scuffing their golf balls on their wedge shots, due to the grooves. That is a downfall of having a Urethane caste golf ball, it is a soft cover and does scuff much easier. If you add something to improve durability, it will had hardness and in the end make the ball feel harder. As for spin, I would put it in the middle for full irons shots. I had no problem holding greens.  


Short Game

On partial wedge shots, the same is conclusions I get off the the approach shots. Just not as soft as other premium golf balls. The spin is also not as high. Even on some soft greens, I had a hard time getting the ball to check compared to other premium golf balls. The feel is way too hard for short game shots. 



Nothing special to write home about. same as before. Kinda sits in the middle when it comes to feel. Not as soft as other premium golf balls, but not as hard as the cheaper golf balls out there. Distance control was good, I just prefer a softer ball. 



Cost way too much for what it is offering in terms of feel an performance. As you get closer to the green, the more the club interacts with the cover alone, and the flaw of this ball is the cover. I give Volvik credit in trying to think outside the box with their cover, but when it comes to premium golf balls I am looking for that soft feel, with spin control on short game and wedge shots. This ball just doesn't perform nearly as well as other similarly priced golf balls inside of 60 yards. Really this ball needs to be priced in the NXT Tour range, probably that $30-$35 dollar range. For me this ball underachieves as a premium priced golf ball.  


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