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Tour quality ball that can challenge any of the big boys.

A Review On: Volvik White Color S3 Golf Balls

Volvik White Color S3 Golf Balls

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Ernest Jones
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Pros: Feel, spin and visibility.

Cons: Price.

I received a sleeve of Volvic S-3s from the good folks at TST for the purposes of writing a review. I'm glad to have had the opportunity because this is a great product.


Initial Impression


As soon as I rolled one out of the sleeve I was struck by the eye-popping effect of the optic-white colouring. I wouldn't expect there would be a whole lot to say in the "aesthetics" part of a golf ball review: Round? Check.  Dimpled? Check.  White (if that's your thing) Check, but the "whiteness" of these balls is certainly worth commenting on. They seem to have a bit of a placebo type effect in so far as the high contrast optic white really "pops" and I felt as though my focus was improved from tee to green just due to the almost hypnotic effect.


Off the Tee


On tee shots with woods and hybrids I didn't find there to be a lot of difference in terms of distance when compared to my usual DT Solo ball, however my technique is not the greatest so it was difficult to make direct comparisons from swing to swing.


Approach Shots


This is where the Volvic S-3 really shines. Such a nice soft feel off the irons with plenty of bite on the greens. Quickly reminds you of how much better a Tour Ball is in comparison to my usual midrange balls.


Short Game


Another place the S-3 shines, I do not generate a ton of spin on my short game shots and tend to rely more on loft to hold the green but I could certainly tell that the S-3 was considerably more "grippy" than my DT Solos. The urethane cover really makes a huge difference and whatever process they used to toughen up the cover really works, in my limited experience with this ball they seemed to be every bit as durable as my surlyn ionomer covered DT Solos.




Here is an area where the eye-popping whiteness really was a joy. I felt it made it easier to focus and get into the elusive "zone" where you can stroke the ball with a truly empty mind. Just let that pristine whiteness fill your mind right to the outer edges and then stroke the ball to the hole.


This ball feels fantastic off the putter, and as someone who uses alignment lines on any putt where I cannot see the hole in my periphery, I really appreciate the user friendly alignment line stamped on the side of this ball. A lot of manufacturers get a little too artsy with these lines rendering them useless. Volvic gets it right.




If you are a player that regularly uses Tour level balls such as the ProV1, Bridgestone B-Series or Srixon Z-Stars, you should certainly give this ball a good, honest look. I believe it can hold it's own with any of the big boys and you may be surprised and find a new favorite in the Volvic S-3.


Thanks for reading,




For my review of the Volvik Vista look here.


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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Golf Balls › Premium › Volvik White Color S3 Golf Balls › Reviews › Ernest Jones's Review