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Nicely done.

A Review On: WarSpec Ball Marker

WarSpec Ball Marker

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Ernest Jones
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Pros: Quality materials. Good use of negative space for alignment.

Cons: Low visibility at a distance. A little on the pricey side.

The good people at WarSpec Golf were kind enough to ship me their new Warspec SPEC1 Black Ox ball marker for review.


As a former "use a line on my ball for alignment" putter I can say that this ball marker is absolutely perfect for those who use this technique. Many ball markers provide the golfer with a line or series of lines for this purpose but WarSpec has accentuated their lines by cutting them out rather than painting them on. The cutouts use negative space very effectively to provide a crisp, clean line to align your ball to.


*Note: The ball is placed further forward to provide a better view of the SPEC1, in actual play you would place the marker's concave snug to your ball.



The marker is a convenient size with a low profile, much better than the manhole cover sized poker chips that some players lug around, and sports a concave cutaway at the leading edge to allow the golfer to more accurately mark their ball. Measuring out at 1" x 1.25", the marker is just the right size to do the job without being a distraction to other players. The stainless steel marker is coated with a military grade black oxide finish that will provide durability and character as the finish ages, creating its own distinctive patina. Custom stampings and paint fills available upon request.


I have recently converted to the spot-putting method and no longer use lines for alignment but I do still mark my ball and pick it up if I am not ready to putt immediately. I find that this is an important ritual to allow your brain a moment to shift gears and prepare itself for the putt. I am an Aimpointer which means I walk away from my mark for a mid-point read as a part of my green reading routine, my only complaint about the SPEC1 marker is that, upon turning back to my marker, it does not stand-out enough from a distance, however this can be easily addressed through their customization offerings.


Closing comment: If you have to mark your ball you might as well mark it with something nice and the WarSpec SPEC1 provides exactly that.


Thanks for reading.


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