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Wilson D-100 Hybrid

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #6 in Hybrids


Pros: distance, medium trajectory, forgiving, nice shaft

Cons: not usually in stock at some big box golf stores

I've used some hybrids that seem to balloon on me and some that have such a small low profile face that it is difficult to hit consistently.  The D100 is about in the middle of face size with a good ratio of face height and width.  The Matrix Ozik Altus 5.6 shaft has a nice solid feel without being too stiff or too whippy.  Trajectory is medium and predictable.  It also works well as a general utility club when you need to punch the ball low and far.  Wilson Staff hybrids have been one of the strong point in their product line and the D100 definitely continues that reputation.  The reason I put my purchase price a free is because i got the 3H club free with my purchase of a new set of D100 irons.

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Wilson D-100 Hybrid

Wilson Staff D-100 Hybrid The Wilson Staff D-100 Hybrid utilizes ultimate performance-enhancing technology for players demanding superior distance and forgiveness. Its distance gapped to provide an easy-to-hit long range compliment to the new D-100 irons. Features: Improved Distance: Lighter weight makes it easier to swing with greater velocity Improved Forgiveness: Progressive bulge and roll for optimized gear effect Improved Playability: Rounded sole design for shot control from all lies Improved Technology: Decreased shaft weight for increased club head speed

ManufacturerWilson Staff
ClassificationHybrid Clubs
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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Clubs › Hybrids › Wilson D-100 Hybrid