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Glad I got them as a sample

A Review On: Wilson Staff  Duo Golf Balls, Pack of 12

Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls, Pack of 12

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Pros: I didnt pay anything

Cons: Felt like a rock

I was given a 2 pack of these with a purchase of personalized Srixon balls from budgetgolf.com.

I finally figured that I would give them a shot - I actually seemed to lose distance compared to my normal Q-stars. The feel off of my wedges and putter was horrible.

The balls did feel a little heavier than others I have played.

The only plus was that I couldnt lose them. I played aggressively around every hazard and they managed to stick with me for all 18 holes.

I have no idea what the MSRP is, but it definitely felt like a lower end ball.


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