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Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf Balls


Pros: Great in every aspect.

Cons: Soft cover might scuff a bit more on "box" groove clubs but nothing noticable.

Recently playing a striving 9-hole (soon to be 18) course that was tough and had a wicker basket full of "2010" prov1 balls. $3 each or 4 for $10. I usually don't get froggy but I was confident in my game and stopped losing more than 1 ball a round. I fell in love cause the feel was solid yet soft and controllable and incredibly more spin. But that's half the story, it sucks having to pay sooo much for a ball that will do everything you want and not lose any distance or control. I searched online for a ball equal to it and yet didn't break the bank, and to match my fg tour irons, i decided on the fg tour urethane ball for 26 bucks on ebay. when i played these i was more amazed at the cover. Softer than the prov1. There was one thing that worried me was i hit a 6 iron (notice: legal grooves on a soft steel iron) and it scuffed. I wasn't sure why cause i didnt hit cart path or hit out of the sand. But it never happened again. Soft cover is great and considering i dont often full swing an actual wedge (sand or lob) with illegal box grooves which might tear up the ball, its relatively tough and possibly just as tough as the prov1. I hit longer off the tee and more consistent.


Biggest thing is its a 50 compression tour ball. Which less compression usually is used for improved distance/ decreased side spin balls like the bridgestone e6 or even more so, the pinnacle gold distance. Next to eachother, it seems as if the fg has larger dimples that are all the same size and shape, unlike the prov1 which has smaller dimples and slightly larger dimples which were all smaller than the fg's. I could only assume the prov1 dimples are more for increased control through the air. i feel as if the fg is a great ball not only for the price but for the design. 50 compression improved distance and control, soft feel for improved stability around and on the greens, and dimples that i can only assume a bad swing on a fg the same as a prov1 will be less severely hooked or sliced. overall great ball. just hard to find for cheap considering im a college guy just starting to play. 35 bucks locally and 26 bucks online. only downside is the wait. so for now...i'll wait. =)

or keep playing mid level control balls like top-flite gamer v2 or bridgestone e5.


Pros: Great Feel, Great Spin Action, Soft yet no real loss of distance.

Cons: Have not found any yet.....

I picked these up off of Ebay at an awesome price because I wanted to try these out.  After having played them I don't think that I will ever go back to playing ProV1s.  The feel on the greens is amazing.  I felt like I was playing the Titleist Tour Professional back in the hay day when it had great distance and exceptional feel.  Plays like the balata ball of the past with the new enhanced core technologies of today.  The new ProV1s have a harder shell on them and the feel off the putter feels like you are hitting a rock when compared to the FG Tour.  FG Tours feel like butter.  The sound of the putter is nice as well.  From the Tee the ball jumps off the face of the club with a medium launch angle but can be worked for a lower trajectory if needed.  Since the ball is soft the durability isn't perfect but it is darn near close and last just as long as any ProV that I have played.  Over all great product from what seems to be a very over looked company these days.

Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf Balls

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