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Best value with a good blend of performance aspects

A Review On: Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls, Orange, Pack of 12

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls, Orange, Pack of 12

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Pros: Price, color options, feel, distance

Cons: might be too soft for golfers with very high swing speed

I have been using the Fifty since they arrived on the market a few years ago.  It has a soft feel, but is lively and does not feel like a marshmellow.  I like the shallow dimples which seems to make the ball roll better on putts.  The cover is just right - not too clicky and not too soft so it has a good feel and sound with the putter.  The trajectory is between medium and high.  Some golf balls i have used tend to balloon, but the Fifty has a nice arc trajectory.  The trajectory also allows them to hold greens better than most golf balls in this category.  If you have used a variety of golf balls, you probably noticed that there is a tradeoff among distance, feel, and spin.  The Fifty blends these nicely into a ball that behaves very well overall.  

To put my review in perspective, I am a 15 handicap with a driver swing speed of about 90 mph.


You provide a very accurate summary of an "under-the-radar" ball....I am a senior player with a slower swing speed and love the overall performance of this ball. In fact, I like it better than the Wilson Staff Duo . 
My regular game ball is the Titleist DT So/Lo which, IMO, is still the gold standard for overall performance-tee to green in this lower end price category. However my "other ball" is either the Bridgestone E6 or the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite (in white). 
The 50 Elite is also a very good ball in cooler weather so if you play "winter rules" golf you might want to check them out-regardless of 'cap or swing speed-especially at about 12 bucks a dozen.
I've played the orange 50 Elite ball a lot - as the OP says, it really has a soft feel.    More noticibly is the sound - it has more of a thud than a crack - dullest sounding ball I've ever heard, which isn't a bad thing - just very different than all other balls I've played.    I had my best round of the year with this ball - the flat dimples look funny, but don't affect performance negatively to my knowledge.    It's a good ball.