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A Review On: Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls (Orange)

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls (Orange)

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I have been using the Fifty since they arrived on the market a few years ago.  It has a soft feel, but is lively and does not feel like a marshmellow.  I like the shallow dimples which seems to make the ball roll better on putts.  The cover is just right - not too clicky and not too soft so it has a good feel and sound with the putter.  The trajectory is between medium and high.  Some golf balls i have used tend to balloon, but the Fifty has a nice arc trajectory.  The trajectory also allows them to hold greens better than most golf balls in this category.  If you have used a variety of golf balls, you probably noticed that there is a tradeoff among distance, feel, and spin.  The Fifty blends these nicely into a ball that behaves very well overall.  

To put my review in perspective, I am a 15 handicap with a driver swing speed of about 90 mph.

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Played one of these today and found it to be one of the best golf balls I've ever played especially at it's price point. My distances were the exact same as with as I'm accustomed to but the spin on my short game shots was excellent and he durability of the ball is good. Can't ask for much more out of a golf ball and no tour ball is worth three times more than these are.