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Wilson Staff Smooth Driver

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Wilson Staff Smooth Driver

Wilson Staff Smooth Driver : Inspired by sleek performance race cars, the Wilson Staff Smooth Driver is designed for the player desiring a more traditional shape and style. The driver features a soft, multi-finish and glossy styling, incorporating the latest in variable face geometry, with a thin face for explosive shots. The club incorporates progressive internal weight distribution — creating a progressive dynamic loft — and offering options to a wide variety of skill levels. The driver also features high COR (coefficient of restitution), generating higher ball speed and resiliency off the face. Higher ball speed matched with Wilson Staff s variable face insert, which creates a wider sweet spot, means that shots hit with the Smooth Driver will be longer, faster and more reliable. The club features double the high CT area of a constant thickness face design and uses a Fujikura fit on an E Shaft design for a more relaxed swing, increased tip flexibility and higher ball launch with more spin. Features: Proprietary variable face thickness delivers a sweet spot twice the size ass a constant thickness face Optimized weight based on loft to maximize head stability and launch conditions Fujikura E-Fit shafts offer an ideal set of of properties based on your swing speed Beautiful to look at and exhilarating to drive

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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Clubs › Drivers › Wilson Staff Smooth Driver