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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

A Review On: Yes! Milly True Alignment Putter

Yes! Milly True Alignment Putter

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Pros: Face stays square at impact, very hard to not keep the line of the putt, good distance control,

Cons: It's FUGLY!

Since I am a putter ***** and collect them, I am usually getting a new putter or two each month and will frequently trade/sell/acquire.  I don't game them all necessarily unless I really like them and my gamers in rotation currently include a new Bridgestone True Balance TD - 02 and Bettinardi Studio Stock 15.


I had putted with a Yes! putter before at various golf stores but never owned one and thought that they were on the lower end of putter quality and none of them really appealed to me at all.  Since I've gone through so many putters, I know generally what type/shape/etc will fit my straight back/straight through putting stroke.  As I prefer mallets, face balanced mallets are what I look for.


I saw the new Yes! putters that came out a few months ago online and they looked cheap to me and quite frankly like a Fisher-Price putter or something that a child would go to a minature golf course with.  I happened to be browsing Ebay and came across a brand new one from a reputable seller for a price that was really good ($125).  I decided to roll the dice and order this awful looking putter.  At the very least I justified it by reading several reviews that the putter was actually pretty good and was almost impossible to not keep the ball on line with.


I received it yesterday and spent a couple of hours rolling putts with it last night.  No it's not the highest quality putter but no matter how hard I tried whether I exagerated the heel off the ground or the toe high off the ground, it was almost impossible to hit a putt off line with this thing!  The roll of the ball was indeed impressive.  The ball came off quick but not too quick and the distance control was very good.  The yellow Iomic grip feels a bit plasticky but this combined with the loud color scheme took a backseat to how impressed I was with at how well the putter face stayed square no matter what I did.  Obviously I could twist my wrists in a extreme way and get the ball to shank off the face but this would not happen during a real round.  I was thinking about how sometimes late in a round when focus is lacking and you get a bit quick or handsy with the putter and the face is no longer square sending the putt way off line.  This putter would virtually not allow that because of the design the face was almost always square to where you lined it up.


I immediately thought of one of my golfing friends that has a hard time keeping a consistent putting stroke throughout the round and knew that this putter would be a gift from God to him because of how square the face stayed.  I'm not sure if this is a matter of just the amount of moment of inertia to which the putter apparently has quite a bit, or if it's in other design features of the putter?  I have putted before with putters that supposedly had the highest moi of any putter and it did not keep the face as sqare as the Yes! Milly did.


At the end of a couple of hours of putting last night I realized just what this putter was.....Just as there are game improvement and players irons as well as woods, this was a game improvement putter.  If your putting stroke is not as consistent then I highly recommend overlooking the ugliness of this putter and give it a try, you will know what I'm talking about when you roll some putts with it.


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