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Yonex VMS Irons 4i-SW


Pros: Contemporary but classic head design. Medium weight for steel shafts. Lovely and soft off the face.

Cons: Grips a little harsh on the hands to begin with

Bought these as a replacement to my old Nike Sumo SQ irons which I found to be too toe-heavy and subsequently kept pushing to the right.


Immediately fell for the combination of medium weighting and balance while swinging and then when actually hitting balls they were like butter off the face. Long, penetrating ball flight but a nice soft sound off the face.


The top of the head at address has a soft brushed metal line to reduce any sun glare and they're confidence inspiring; not so small a mid-capper would get freaked by them but not huge like my Nike SQ spades.


Yonex seem to be well under-played, especially in the US but I'd definitely recommend trying a set out if you get the chance. A true diamond in the rough!

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Yonex VMS Irons 4i-SW

VMS irons have been meticulously designed and constructed to offer greater power and distance with precision control. V-Con Core technology located behind an ultra-thin 3mm face generates maximum power whilst reducing unwanted vibrations for a great feel. The new Power Weight System progressively moves weight from the heel in the long irons (where it helps reduce the tendency to slice) to the toe of the club in the short irons for added protection against hooking. Through the careful balancing of exclusive technologies, VMS irons provide a built-in defence against the most common short game problems.

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