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A Review On: Zero Friction 2 3/4  Zero Friction Tees 50 Count

Zero Friction 2 3/4 Zero Friction Tees 50 Count

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Pros: Durable

These tees are pretty durable. For the price and quantity, I think they last longer than any other pack of tees you can get. I think they're the best way to get durable tees in bulk. They aren't as durable as the thick plastic ones you can buy for something like $10 for 6 tees, but they're hard to break without pushing it down into very hard ground and catching the head with an iron head.

The prong support (for reduced friction) make it a little easier for the ball to fall off while you're teeing it. Not significantly so, but it caught me off guard once or twice when I was lazily teeing the ball up.

Can't say I noticed any distance benefits due to the reduced friction, but I didn't expect to.

Misc. thought: I with they came with a colored mark on the leg for height gauging purposes. I love tees that do.


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