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  1. NHL 2015-16 Season

    Goaltending skill has not increased at the same rate as goal-scoring has dropped. "Look it up." The number of power plays per game continues to drop. The number of goals per game continues to drop. The league has reverted to a clutch-and-grab fest where cross-checks and dangerous play is not even penalized (or one-game suspensions are handed out, slaps on the wrist if that). The changes they made after 2004-05 have faded away. You can now obstruct, interfere, clutch, grab, and flat out commit assault well away from the play without much fear of penalty let alone further disciplinary action. If you're a fan of the style of hockey that's becoming more and more prevalent, I feel sorry for you. It's a boring, slow-moving, skill-sucking game. I will stop watching if it continues. It's ridiculous. It's not hockey the way hockey is meant to be played. Hockey, played and called properly, is a beautiful, fast-paced thing to watch. This ain't that. Best sport. Worst league.
  2. NHL 2015-16 Season

    Uhhhh, they're third in the Metro. And my dad didn't give a crap about hockey. Scoring continues to drop. You're wrong about what I would and wouldn't think or say. And who cares if it's the same for every team. "It" sucks.
  3. I got the third edition of the booklet for my class in March. It has a pale yellowish-green color. I haven't opened it yet, so I'm not 100% certain what's changed, but it says "As Updated by William J. Williams, Jr. On the Basis of The Rules of Golf (effective 2016)"
  4. Scotty Cameron Putters -- Are they for real?

    Two things can't both be 99% of golf. Putters - given the impact on distance control and alignment - are one of the areas where you can see the most improvement with equipment.
  5. NHL 2015-16 Season

    I'm getting awfully tired of the NHL. While the NFL has taken steps (some would say too many) to protect the offensive stars of their sport, the NHL has gone the other way: Clutching, grabbing, obstruction, interference, cross-checking, etc. running rampant. Officials that change what they call based on the score, the period, the time of year, the penalty count for each team… etc. A "Division of Player Safety" that doesn't actually seem to give a rat's ass about player safety. Sid last night (Brandon Dubinsky) Stepan just recently. Olli Maatta recently as well. I'm getting tired of it. Scoring is down because fringe NHL players can just grab anyone they want. Stars and skill cannot separate themselves because they're almost literally dragging two bodies to the net every time they try to score. This is the same league that allowed Marc Staal's play on Crosby in the playoffs (no penalty, nothing), Ovechkin taking out knees and whacking Letting's ankle and taking flying leaps into people. It's the same league that allowed Chara to ride and shove Pacioretty's face into a wall, breaking his neck. Lemieux called it a "garage league" and it has turned once again into just that. Sidney Crosby must really love hockey, because if I were him I'd be awfully tempted to just retire at this point. He - and countless other stars - are literally risking their long-term health at this point. The NHL has become unwatchable.
  6. Trump Makes Up Civil War Battle for Golf Course

    Who cares? And if you do, why?
  7. I voted 3 stars. Meh. It wasn't crap, but it wasn't the opposite of crap, either.
  8. There seems to be a bug with this. A member with several days could still only post five times per day.
  9. Scotty Cameron Putters -- Are they for real?

    I recommend you get an Edel putter from your nearest fitter. It will last you a lifetime. A lot of the SC pricing is the name.
  10. You imagine incorrectly then. Simple as that. If a golfer is taking lessons they want to play better, and on the Internet since feels aren't real, the only thing you can discuss with any level of accuracy are the mechanics. It is up to the golfer, or in the case of a lesson, the instructor to find the feels the produce the proper or improved mechanics. Also, in my experience, virtually every student who has a proper grip doesn't have to worry at all about rolling the hands over or anything like that. 
  11. CF? Are we talking MORAD stuff? Generally you can get more power by putting the club in the fingers a bit more because you can hinge/cock the wrists more. The club can load more and thus build more speed. Palmy grips, blech.
  12. GAME Golf Live

    If you put the tracking # in it should tell you when. Also, I recommend signing up for the free UPS and FedEx shipping things. On UPS it's called "MyChoice." They text you when packages are on their way to you, when they're delivered, etc.
  13. Yeah, there's not much insight into how those numbers are derived, but I imagine they likely factor in things like the IP address (whether previously used by a spammer) and other things. We're slowly building up a list of disposable email domains, but then again it's not a great help because most spammers register for gmail addresses. I will do everything possible to keep registration pretty open as I don't want to limit anyone from being able to register or having a waiting period for a moderator to manually approve them or anything.
  14. GAME Golf Live

    Mine is here! (nine minutes after FedEx texted me to say it arrived… )