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  1. iacas added a post in a topic Do you carry the Rules of Golf with you when you play?   

    @pumaAttack it has nothing to do with being "progressive." 
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  2. iacas added a post in a topic TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.   

    Aside from the first day or two, I completely disagree. Measurements I've taken also disagree.
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  3. iacas added a post in a topic Do you carry the Rules of Golf with you when you play?   

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  4. iacas added a post in a topic One Ball condition- Presidents Cup   

    I disagree that it's obsolete and unnecessary.
    In fact, if that rule were rescinded, I think you'd be surprised at what ball engineers could come up with… and how much it would change the way the game is played on the PGA Tour. One stroke here and there means a few hundred thousand dollars, remember.
    This thread isn't about that.

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  5. iacas added a post in a topic Do you carry the Rules of Golf with you when you play?   

    "I play by the rules 99.9% of the time… except all these rules that I think are stupid."
    You're not a pioneer. People have been arguing against playing out of divots forever, and the Rules have never changed in that regard. They're not an abnormal condition, they're just bad luck. What's wrong with 16? The Rules of Golf say 14, that's what's wrong. There's nothing inherently wrong with it, but it would change the game for no real upside, just like making first downs 9 yards or 10 meters instead of ten yards in the NFL.

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  6. iacas added a post in a topic President's Cup Matches Discussion Thread   


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  7. iacas added a comment on a blog entry Key #1 - It's Not About the Head   

    Yes, plus Key #1 is of course not always the priority. I don't even know if we start there with most people. Key #2 and #3 get a lot of attention too, for average golfers.
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  8. iacas added a post in a topic TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.   

    Site search was definitely a bit of a downgrade, yes. I haven't looked a lot yet but even things like being able to specify searching titles only would be nice, and I'm surprised it's not there. Maybe it is but hidden with stuff like "title:ping AND G30" or something like that. Which would still be lame…
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  9. iacas added a post in a topic IPS 4.1 Updates Coming Soon   

    Yeah, well, back in the early days I'd apply updates as soon as they came out. Since the site sees quite a bit more people and traffic and whatnot these days, I may wait a day or two after it's out to make sure everything is copacetic.
    Plus I got to use the word copacetic.
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  10. iacas added a post in a topic My Swing (Lihu)   

    Heck if I know. I think @natureboy tries too hard to fit everyone into a mold, as in "that was a Pelz method" or "that was a Stockton putting stroke" or whatever. In reality, though you can loosely define some characteristics, virtually everything in golf has a lot of wiggle room for "customization" and "personality."
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  11. iacas added a post in a topic Challenging Yourself vs Having Fun   

    Challenging myself is a big part of how I have fun.
    There really isn't a "versus" here, for me.
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  12. iacas added a comment on a blog entry Key #1 - It's Not About the Head   

    That's not really the purpose of the post, and I don't really want to get off topic. I demonstrated why it was a problem and then worked with the player to help him fix it.
    As fixes and feels are often specific to the individual, I'm sure you understand.
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  13. iacas added a post in a topic My Swing (saevel25)   

    Well, 4-6 times is a lot, but not if you include some days where you don't leave your house and do some mirror work.
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  14. iacas added a post in a topic Do you carry the Rules of Golf with you when you play?   

    What part of @mvmac's post implied that there was "harm"?
    Where did Mike say any of that stuff? He quite literally said he did not care what someone else did, just that it wasn't an accurate handicap.
    This is a prime example of what others have mentioned: you seem to not read what's written, and this is another example. Then you go after @Fourputt next:
    By definition, playing under the Rules of Golf it is the "right" way. It's literally how the game is defined. And there's no "high horse" in this discussion, because neither @Fourputt nor @mvmac actually care how someone they're not playing against (for money or in a competition) plays. But it's not incorrect nor is it haughty nor egotistical to point out that if you pick your ball out of a bunker and don't play OB, etc. then your handicap isn't right, and your score lacks some meaning.
    The Rules of Golf define the game of golf. If you play something resembling golf, that's technically the best you can say about it: it resembles golf. Generally, yeah, people will say they "played golf" even if they play a scramble or something, but technically, no, it's not. There's no judgment in saying "it's not technically golf."
    Soccer has multiple sets of rules. They're following the rules of the game.
    The Principles are not about "not giving yourself every single minute penalty strokes [sic]". And once again, I'll remind you and others that I have not seen anyone here who actually cares about what someone they'll never meet is doing. But pointing out that their scores aren't very meaningful doesn't mean they're "treating golf with such strictness." It's just a statement of fact.
    The Principles of the game are not "hitting a tiny white ball toward a hole." They are the foundation upon which the rules are based. We even have a thread about the booklet that describes the Principles in detail:

    There aren't that many. Give it a read.
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  15. iacas added a post in a topic My Swing (saevel25)   

    What's your practice setup this winter, again? And, realistically, how often will you do it?
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