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  1. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    No, Rick… it's not just that. The U.S. team has gotten stronger, and the European team has gotten MUCH stronger. Some of those British teams had a whole lot of nobodies on them. (And before someone criticizes my use of "nobodies" again I'm talking about "relative to the level of their peers." Not relative to, say, you, or me.)
  2. Edel Putter Cost? Time?

    @JMHARDING, I renamed the thread to a more appropriate title and moved it to the appropriate forum. Please take care to do the little things members appreciate, particularly when asking for help or information. $350 to $450, 3-4 weeks total shipped to your door. P.S. It's about time to pick an avatar for yourself too, please.
  3. All set. Hope you get one sooner than that. And I hope I get one sooner than that, too…
  4. Ah, vaporware. Yes, you're right to be shy of that. GG reveals overall trends really well right now. We have a partnership with them in 2016, and this is one of the things - hole-by-hole analysis - that we hope to bend their ear about, so to speak.
  5. I disagree. Not that they don't exist, but they're aberrations. And if putting or the short game was all that was holding them back, they should have fixed it. Putting and the short game are relatively easy skills. Even Boo Weekley can stick around the PGA Tour and even win now and then. John, stick to reading the book for what it is, not based on things you've previously accepted or things you've set up as comparisons.
  6. All set! Congratulations to all who have claimed their awards so far!
  7. 2016 TST Initiative: Forward Tees Tournament

    Yeah, that doesn't matter. Whomever you need to contact about getting a tournament on the schedule. I'll revise the first post.
  8. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    Start with your club slightly hovering, then, or slightly inside the golf ball. Or move it back so it doesn't. Or substitute a piece of chalk or a pencil or something.
  9. AMA Thread (@iacas)

    Unsurprisingly, I think it's similar to what I like to see in golf course design, with some realization that disc golf is more "3D" than golf. For example, I hate wide open courses just as much as I hate the courses that have a bunch of 200-foot super-narrow-through-tons-of-trees holes. If wide open is 0, and super packed trees are 10, I like courses that have holes that range from 3-7. Some of my favorite holes include a fairly clear ideal line, with room to the outside to play it safe. I'm good enough that if I play conservatively I should be able to get a par most of the time. I like elevation changes that are used appropriately. I hate baskets set on steep rollaway-style slopes if that slope accounts for > 50% of the circumference (sure, put a basket on the edge of a steep slope, just don't put it on top of a pimple knob or something). I like courses that make it fairly clear what you're supposed to try to do, but leave options open to trying something a little different. I hate courses where the route to the hole is either wide open or just "throw it that way and hope you miss the trees." This goes back to the first thing I said, though. I don't mind the use of water, though to be enjoyable, it should not be something I can't clear with a putter (though as you know, @cipher, putters can be thrown pretty far, so I'm not talking about water that's limited to 50' in width or something). I like that disc golf is growing to include more actual par fours and fives. There are only so many kind of par threes out there, and they're substantially more limited in terms of strategy. The Pittsburgh courses (Moraine probably first, Deer Lakes right there with it, Knob Hill a distant third) do all of these things well. The "easier" course at Ashtabula, OH manages to get a lot out of the few trees it has and is still not "easy" despite being closer to the "open" end of the scale (maybe a 3 or 3.5).
  10. My Swing (Jaytee31)

    A bit tough to see, but take a look at this video and see if it doesn't strike you as something you could work on…   And then get some good face-on and DL video from good angles: http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing.
  11. AMA Thread (@iacas)

    Yes. And to be clear, it's Dave's brand, officially, so I'm only speculating, though as you can imagine it's at a pretty high level of speculation… Dave would expand Golf Evolution if: He (and I) could be certain of the quality of instruction. This may mean thoroughly training the partner or it may mean moving an instructor we already know and have trained in. The new partner could agree to some fairly light licensing terms (Dave isn't looking for 50% of lesson revenue or anything like that). The new partner could find a suitable space at a suitable cost (this is more so that they can stay profitable). That's almost all there is to it. I don't think we'd have much of an issue that couldn't be overcome so long as the basic stuff was good.
  12. Very seriously considering getting Invisalign.

  13. I'm not big on nostalgia. That said they probably don't cost much if you can find them.
  14. My heated driving range is closing

    Golf Evolution, Northwest Branch? Sorry to hear about the range. Are there nearer outdoor I heated ranges that stay open?