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  1. I think I'll add "10+ rounds in GAME GOLF" achievement. I noticed that the GG info isn't shown on the mobile version of the site, and I'd like to highlight it for our partner, regardless of whether folks are browsing on their smart phones or computers. 10+ may be just "owns a GAME GOLF" because I could write a script to award all of the initial batch to the 200+ folks here with GAME GOLFs. BTW, if you have a GAME GOLF, add your username to your profile: https://thesandtrap.com/how-to/game-golf-username P.S. Or maybe I'll just find a way to show that post-bit info on smart phones.
  2. You can use the free app. That's part of the reason I added the word "FREE" in the first post.
  3. I connected the same point in two frames here. What's that stuff to the left where the purple arrow points? It appears to be the same color as the casual water. We aren't debating whether it interferes "the same as it did originally." His stance was unaffected before - it was his ball in casual water.
  4. I'm not necessarily disagreeing, but I will point out that the stance he demonstrated to get the OK was in a noticeably different position. Is it your position that he lucked out because he was on relatively firm ground (the cart path), as he'd have sunk down and definitely contacted the water if he was in softer grass/dirt. I'm not certain of this one, except to say that I'd have not pushed the boundaries as much as he did, and certainly not as long as he did. I'd have taken my relief to the left and said "well, you're the idiot who hit the ball here." I don't even like to get close to these types of situations. P.S. In taking relief Jordan initially indicated that his nearest point was really close to the water's edge, and the RO indicated it was about two inches farther to the left, away from the casual water. So technically, even if his toes are above the water, was the ball of his foot inside that two-inch margin over which Jordan and the RO disagreed constituted complete relief for the NPR? P.S. Jordan was just interviewed and despite McCord and Ian Baker-Finch mentioning it and perhaps others, it wasn't brought up in the post-round interview (nor would I expect it to be… I'm viewing this almost as a bit more of a hypothetical discussion, just with a bit of grounding in reality).
  5. For now. The cut line could change. For that discussion (if there is one), please go there.
  6. This topic is for the discussion of what happened at the 2016 PGA Championship to Jordan Spieth on the 7th hole. Jordan was on the cart path but didn't want to take relief from that as it would put him behind a big pine tree. His ball was also sitting in a puddle, so he wanted to take relief from casual water. After a protracted discussion with the RO, during which Jordan indicated his line of play to be to the right a little (to miss the tree), and attempted to drop several times toward the right near a second smaller puddle, Jordan finally dropped to the right somewhat and back a fair amount and, in taking his stance, was standing outside the casual water. He ostensibly used the club he'd use to hit the shot, and the RO cleared his play as he was not standing in the water, nor was his ball in the water, or the area of his swing. But when he played the ball his toes were "over" the water. I don't know if they touched much (or any?) water, but they were visibly within the boundary of the casual water. This was pointed out on the telecast immediately, as you'll see in the video, and later by Gary McCord in suggesting that people would be calling in. What do you think? To be clear, I'm not asking whether you think he gained an advantage, whether the rule is lame, whether call-ins should be allowed (the commentators didn't need to "call in" but they, too, aren't rules officials or members of the committee)… This discussion is solely about the Rules of Golf as it applies to this topic, and whether Jordan should be penalized. As best as I can, the order of events: Jordan finds his ball in a puddle on the cart path. He indicates to the RO he wishes to take relief. The RO indicates that this puddle is the instance of casual water they need to get away from. Jordan indicates his line of play, and the RO indicates the nearest point of relief (to the left of the puddle). Jordan measures one club length with his driver to the right and then tries to drop as far right as possible as it will leave him an easier shot. He even drops once or twice outside of a driver club length and is told to re-drop. He eventually drops and places, then takes a stance to show the RO that his foot is not in the casual water. (I believe this is also on tape - I saw the entire thing on the the live stream. The TNT coverage had less than the whole saga.). When he makes his swing, his foot (toes) is as you see above: in or over the casual water from which he took relief. So again, does this meet the definition of complete relief? Or does he deserve a penalty? Did he alter his stance from what he showed the RO? What do you think of this, as it relates to the application of the Rules of Golf?
  7. It would be. They were on the clock before that ruling took place, and the ruling resets the clock and their time par.
  8. DNC

    Whatever you need to tell yourself. 1400 retweets is probably hundreds of thousands of views.
  9. DNC

    Well, it was retweeted over 1400 times, so I'm going to answer "not great for Hillary"?
  10. He can also stand where he hit his putt from and stare in disbelief for ten seconds, then walk up and if it falls when he's walking, it's still good. Basically it's 10 seconds + a reasonable amount of time to walk up to the ball. The ten seconds can be split up.
  11. That assumes he'll remain popular (or on the Tour) for 20 years. He might be all but forgotten by next season.
  12. To play with GAME GOLF Live Leaderboards (FREE!) Step 1: Download the GAME GOLF app iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/game-golf-gps-tracker-rangefinder/id682389516?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.gameyourgame.game Step 2 (for new users): Watch this tutorial to learn what GAME GOLF is about and how to use the app iPhone: https://gamegolf.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2063184-video-full-tutorial-and-other-insights?b_id=7261 Android: http://support.gamegolf.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2072722-video-manual-entering-a-round---free-version?b_id=7357 Step 3: Ask everyone to watch the video at the top of this post and give it a run! GAME on! GAME GOLF IS THE FIRST DEVICE TO MAKE MANUAL SCORECARDS A THING OF THE PAST San Francisco, July 18, 2016 – Are you tired of trying to round up and write down the scores in your foursome after every golf hole? Launching today, GAME GOLF has upgraded its system with the world’s first full-round Live Leaderboard that brings tournament-quality, automatic shot tracking to amateur golfers. The system is now able to instantly record every shot taken by you and your golfing buddies and electronically track your scores in the most popular game formats. The new Live Leaderboard works with the award-winning golf shot tracker, GAME GOLF LIVE, and the GAME GOLF App. On the GAME GOLF App, one golfer chooses the course and type of game the group will play (stroke play, match play or team variations of both, with more games to come in the future); then invites his golfing buddies to join, via the App, his/her phone’s address book or players in the GAME GOLF system.. The other golfers accept and start playing their round, tagging shots to the LIVE device or App as they normally would. At the end of each hole, players can pull up the Live Leaderboard to see everyone’s scores, automatically tracked and updated as they move through the course, along with all of the stats on their own shots. “Nearly every player has mentioned that if they didn’t have to record their scores they could just play and have fun,” said John McGuire, CEO of GAME GOLF. “We are the only system that requires no manual entry of information; and unlike some other devices, we track the entire round, not just the activity with your driver. We have freed you to concentrate on your game and enjoy playing with your friends.” The Live Leaderboard has several features that allow for seamless play. It automatically accounts for handicaps among the players that are loaded into the GAME GOLF system. If a player drops out after nine holes of play, they can easily be removed from the game, while maintaining the other players’ scores. All stat-tracking and display features of GAME GOLF LIVE and the App operate as usual. Editing while in play remains very easy. Users can easily move through screens that show the Leaderboard, or can jump to particular holes or examine particular club statistics. When the round is complete, golfers can share scores and bragging rights through social media. An additional upgrade is an enhanced rangefinder. “We have removed the toggle button, so now players quickly tap and hold to display the rangefinder and can zoom to 2x the rangefinder’s scope,” added McGuire. In the past month, GAME GOLF LIVE also added features that put the device at the top of the technological pack when it comes to analyzing your game the way the pros do, including a new Pin Placement feature that allows golfers to zoom in on each green and drag the pin to its precise location, and new Auto Hole-Switching which tracks a golfer’s movements from hole to hole, automatically updating the system. Winner of a Golf Digest 2016 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Game Analyzers and the only wearable analyzer on the Golf Range Association of America (GRAA) annual list of “2016 Top 25 Teaching and Training Aids,” the GAME GOLF App is free and can be downloaded to any iOS or Android phone or smart watch (Apple & Pebble, Android coming soon). Special summer pricing allows golfers to pick up GAME GOLF LIVE for $249 US MSRP (regularly priced at $299) at GAMEGOLF.com, in golf specialty shops and more than 800 green grass pro shops; and on #AmazonLaunchpad. For more information or to view videos of GAME GOLF in action, visit GAMEGOLF.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @GAMEGOLF and on Instagram at @GAME_GOLF, #GAMEGOLF. http://www.gamegolf.com/products/en-us/gamegolf?s=compete&v=f67cc7f
  13. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/iacas/round/1074402 The other day I had a round with 18 straight pars. I thought I might birdie the 10th (and a hole or two before that, perhaps), but after about the 12th hole I was really almost more interested in getting what I think is my third 18-par round instead of shooting 71 or 70… So, how many 18-par rounds have you ever had? Or, what is the highest number of pars you've had in a round?
  14. No he didn't. Look at the line his FC walks… Senden could have walked the same line. He purposefully took the longest route to the ball, walking more than 360° around the hole to get to the ball. I don't think I'd have added the stroke, but I do think he delayed, and I'd have pointed out to him that he should not do that sort of thing in the future as it was close, IMO.
  15. And that perception bleeds into golfers who then beat themselves up for hitting their 110-yard shot to 16'.