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  1. tomgolf added a post in a topic What Do You Do for a Living?   

    Oilfield chemical company in South Louisiana.

    Great website, Thanks
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  2. tomgolf added a post in a topic Which Driver Should I Go With?   

    I just bought a TM Superquad and haven't hit it yet. Prior to that I had the 425 which I didn't like. Prior to that..I had the original R7 Quad - regular flex shaft and loved it. It's what I've been hitting until this new club came in and in the event I don't like the Superquad, I'm going back to the old R7 and will get on with my life - haha.

    Good luck!
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  3. tomgolf added a post in a topic Which Golf Bag do we all use?   

    BigDog - I see you have a Taylormade driver. I have the R7 standbag and I love it - check it out.
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  4. tomgolf added a post in a topic Callaway X18 vs. X20 vs. X20 Tours   

    What were you hitting before? I'm just a little worried about not having the offset - when I demo'd the six iron - it felt great. I'm hitting the X18s now. BTW - When I walked in my office this morning - my TM superquad came in - I'll be hitting it this afternoon!
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  5. tomgolf added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Callaway X18 vs. X20 vs. X20 Tours
    Maybe a stretch - has anyone demo'd/played these irons comparatively? I hit the X18s and demo'd the other two today, or the 6 iron anyway. I liked the tours - any comments on the differences, if any? I understand that no offset on the tours will be less forgiving, but they sure seemed hot off the club.
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  6. tomgolf added a post in a topic new 3 wood advice. what do you play and why?   

    I have always struggled being consistent with a 3W off the deck. I bought a Ping Rapture 3W last November and love it. It sets up well and the ball explodes off of the face. If you demo several clubs, definiately swing this one - I have the Proto By-you shaft (stiff).
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  7. tomgolf added a post in a topic R7 Superquad   

    I appreciate the feedback, guys. I ordered one and am waiting for it now. I'm thinking about going right to a fitter regarding the shaft so there's never a question in my mind about whether the shaft is right or not. I read so many articles about the importance of the shaft - I've never hit anything but the stock shafts on clubs and it's been OK - but I'm going to eliminate all the possible shortcomings and see what happens. One other thing to both of you - is your R7SQ the regular or TP - I think the TP comes with the additional weights, right?
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  8. tomgolf added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    R7 Superquad
    Comments from Superquad owners? How is it? How compared to original R7 or R7 425? Also - how's the stock shaft or do you have a shaft recommendation for a 105-110 swing speed?
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  9. tomgolf added a post in a topic Taylormade Rossa Monza Corza   

    I bought this putter about 3 weeks ago and love it. I was using a Scotty Cameron Futura and was hot and cold with it. I love the way the taylormade sets up and have alot of confidence in it - which is probably 90% of the results - mental! Anyway - I hope you like it as much as I do.
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  10. tomgolf added a post in a topic Best of the New Drivers???   

    My swing speed is anywhere from 95 to 105, my hdcp is 7 although depending ont he course, I can play to a 4 or a 15, you know - find it, lose it, find it again. I know my biggest hurdle is mental. However, being in play off the tee (with reasonable distance) seems to drive my scoring. I'm getting the Superquad - I'm just confused about shafts - you read articles all the way from grip and rip to swing only 80%. Too much info.
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  11. tomgolf added a post in a topic Best of the New Drivers???   

    the Superquad (not the TP). It's an American Express Rewards deal and I'm waiting for the voucher - what I'm trying to decide is regular or stiff. I had the stiff on the 425 - never hit it as well as the original r7 (which had regular), but my swing speed is about 105-110. What do you have?
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  12. tomgolf added a post in a topic Callaway x-20 Tour Project X 5.0 Flighted question   

    Jcard - I also play the X18s - I was curious about how you like the Superquad? - what did you hit before? I had the TM R7 - hit it well, went to the 425 - hated it and just ordered the Superquad.
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  13. tomgolf added a post in a topic Best of the New Drivers???   

    well - you convinced me - I just ordered it. I also saw this morning in the last Golf Digest that they rated it over the FTi and the Sumo. I guess I'll find out!

    Thanks for your responses.
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  14. tomgolf added a post in a topic Best of the New Drivers???   

    do you have the Tour Model or the regular? I wonder what the difference is?
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  15. tomgolf added a post in a topic Best of the New Drivers???   

    I have an older R7 from a friend of mine and hitting it decent in terms of staying in play, just not getting the yardage - probably 99.9% mental. Anyway, I'm about to take the plunge and get the Superquad - Does anyone know if the difference between the Superquad and the Superquad TP? More weights?
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