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  1. stibbitsjr added a post in a topic The best brand for Irons?   

    Jock strap? Cup? depends on who I'm playing with
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  2. stibbitsjr added a post in a topic Average Distances... How far do you hit each club? and don't lie...   

    Driver 220 230
    3W 200
    5W 190-200
    3H  170-180
    4 165 ON A GOOD DAY
    5 165
    6 150
    7 140
    8 130
    9 115-120
    PW 75-80
    G 50-60
    SW 35-40

    Taylormade 360 TI (keep going back to it) 3W-5W Sumo2 3H Nike Ignite                    Irons (4-PW) Callaway X-20's Gap Nike SV  Sand Mizuno tour 56
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