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  1. My wife was 40, and I was 41 when our son was born. He was a month early, and it was a difficult delivery. He spent a week in nicu, and it was touch and go for awhile. He is the absolute joy of our life. Now, he is a happy,normal,20 year old college sophomore, and a great kid. No way a golf tournament would have kept me away from his birth.
  2. DeChambeau & the Hat

    I like the hat.
  3. Shorts On the PGA Tour (Updated 2013, 2016)

    I have no problem with shorts, but the Tour needs to set guidelines.
  4. Watching Sports

    Baseball Hockey Football
  5. I think I need a bit more support, so the wouldn't work for me.Also, when considering a shoe, I like to see the weight, quality of build and materials, and the traction features.  
  6. This is a big stretch from "going out of business", but I wish they could get better distribution. The nearest store that carries them is well over an hour from me. I don't order shoes online unless I see them and try them on first. I know that people that use them really love them. They might not be the shoe for me, but I would like to see them in person.
  7. New FootJoy Freestyle Shoe

    I have had some foot problems te last few years, and if these work, they will be the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen.
  8. Just a few days ago. This was posted by a forum member, not True. The member posted pictures, and said he got the info from True. This is on another forum, and it is just what I have read, and have no verification.
  9. On another forum, someone posted that they are planning a new shoe called te "Element" in both spiked and spikeless. Just reporting what I have read.
  10. Myrtle Beach in Early March

    Yes, I have played there. It has been a long time since I played there, but I was very impressed by the beauty of the course. Not very long, but greens have some features that require good distance control on approach shots. I've played Tobacco Road ( I liked), and Tot Hill Farms ( I didn't like), and like Dave said in a previous post, Caedonia is a much more player friendly course.
  11. Myrtle Beach in Early March

    Check out Caledonia's Facebook page for a nice drone flyover.
  12. Myrtle Beach in Early March

    Caledonia is a fun course. Not too long, some tricky greens. I played the day before Easter several years ago, and all the big azaleas were in bloom. It was the most beautiful course I have seen except for Augusta. Lots of live oaks with Spanish moss, and if it sunny, the gators will probably be laying on the banks of the ponds. The porch of the clubhouse overlooks the 18th green, and is a nice place to have a post round beverage, and watch groups finish. I've seen True Blue, but haven't played it. A lot of folks really like it, but it doesn't catch my eye like Caledonia.
  13. 2016 Ryder Cup Discussion Thread

    It doesn't matter how well organized the US is, they need to play better and make more putts. 
  14. It looks like they forgot to put something in that hole.
  15. Handicaps

    What percentage of golfers are going to play in international handicap events? Why is this necessary? Why not have one rule making organization? I believe the USGA only covers Mexico and the US. Why not just do away with the USGA, and let the R&A be the ruling body for the entire world.