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  1. Ping G30s, do you like them?

    I play G30 5-sw. I have had good results, but my G15s felt better. My son has my G15s, and if he wanted to trade, I'd probably do it. I really don't like either set as well as my Eye2s.
  2. My feet. I am at an age where my arches have flattened a bit, and my feet have "grown." For the last few years, I have had a hard time finding comfortable shoes. At 61 I feel blessed to no back or leg issues.
  3. If you are not sure, see if you can trade them for clubs you would be more comfortable with.
  4. Changes to Handicap System for 2016 Released

    I get up very early, and walk a quick 9 alone. Probably 90% of my recorded rounds are by myself. I find it odd that a game that has rules enforcement based largely on the honesty and integrity of the participants, the USGA  is making the assumption that solo players are cheaters.  We enter our scores on a comuter. How will this rule be enforced. How will this keep cheaters from entering inflated scores in the computer? I contacted the USGA, and they are going to refund my dues.
  5. Best 2015 Putting Round

    Played 9 a couple days ago, and had 10 putts. Shot 37. Good putting can make up for a lot. Played the day before, and couldn't have made a putt in a 5 gallon bucket. What a crazy game!
  6. Steve Williams could be Bond's assistant, and take credit for the success of the mission.
  7. Boo Weekley: "This wraparound season sucks".

    This is cutting into prime hunting season.
  8. Stevie Takes Shots at Tiger in Book

    With the uncertainty over Tiger's back, he might not need a caddie. Love the avatar.
  9. Stevie Takes Shots at Tiger in Book

    Tiger tossed clubs, and he didn't give Hank a popsicle. Tiger is a bad man.
  10. These shoes have been out for awhile now. What can users of this shoe tell me about comfort, durability, ect. after a season of use. Thanks.
  11. What athlete would you tee it up with?

    Charles Barkley. I wouldn't care about the golf, he would just be fun to hang out with.
  12. Thanks. Think I will go with the Titelist Lightweight Staff bag.
  13. Has technology taken from the skill of playing golf?

    I loved playing with the old gear, and I love playing with the new gear. Back in the day, I would play from around 6000, and today, I play 6700. A 6700 yard course was a monster back when I played the old gear. Another thing that has changed in the time I have been playing (40+ years) is the condition of the courses. The courses are usually in a lot better shape now.
  14. Heavy sanding of greens

    Was it aerified first? If so, sand is used to fill the holes. That changes the soil profile, and allows air water and fertilizer to get to the roots. The sand also helps smooth the greens when applied properly, and draged in. Our course aerified using smaller tines, and did several light top derssings, and the greens recovered much faster vs the traditional way of doing one heavy top dressing following aerification.
  15. Any problems with the handle? I have a 3.5, and the hard edge of the handle rubs my back. It is very uncomfortable, and, no matter how I adjust it, I can't get any relief. SM customer service has been less than helpful in solving this issue. This is my fifth SM bag, and probably, my last. A great bag, but a poorly designed handle. I am wondering if the guy that desinged the handle ever carried a golf bag?