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  1. caniac6 added a post in a topic Who do you take golf advice from?   

    I will ask the pros at my course an occasional question. Other than that, I try to figure it out by myself. 
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  2. caniac6 added a post in a topic Trip to Pinehurst Spring Break 2016   

    Dormie is fairly close to Pinehurst. As close if not closer to Pinehurst than Tobacco Road. Linville is probably, at least, three hours from Pinehurse. It is up in the Mountains, not far from Grandfather Mountain.
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  3. caniac6 added a topic in Balls, Carts/Bags, Apparel, Gear, Etc.   

    Cart bag with less than 14 slots
    I use a three wheeler, and would like to find a cart bag that has a top like a staff bag. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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  4. caniac6 added a post in a topic Taylormade and the need for M1 Sales   

    I think the price of the M-1 has eliminated a lot of golfers. I won't even consider buying one until the M-2 comes out.
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  5. caniac6 added a post in a topic Longest Iron in Your Bag (and why?)   

    5 iron. I am not a high ball hitter, and I get better height with hybrids.
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  6. caniac6 added a post in a topic To Carry or to Push (my bag)   

    I carried for about 40 years. Last year I started having shoulder problems. My Doc said that I should do all I can to avoid surgery, so I did about 12 weeks of rehab. I started using the push cart, and no more shoulder problems. Every once in a while, I'll carry for 9, but I use the cart well over 90% of the time.
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  7. caniac6 added a post in a topic Getting ball out of the hole   

    My struggles are getting the ball in the hole.
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  8. caniac6 added a post in a topic In one sentence, what's the best statement you can make which would describe your last round of golf.   

    Played with my son, so it couldn't have been better.
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  9. caniac6 added a post in a topic John Daly for Ryder Cup Captain?   

    Daly's first captain's pick would be Anthony Kim so he would have someone to drink with. Daly seems like a decent guy, but I can't think of anyone in any sport, with the exception of Len Bias, that wasted more talent.
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  10. caniac6 added a post in a topic Tiger Woods and Chris Como splitting?   

    Sounds like the "process" might be done.
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  11. caniac6 added a post in a topic Bubba Watson Bought a New Car   

    I see a previous post of mine was quoted by another poster. I stand by my comments. If that gets me banned or singled out,tough!
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  12. caniac6 added a post in a topic Bubba Watson Bought a New Car   

    Thanks for pointing me out. I haven't posted anything in more than two weeks, and it was a lot less inflammatory than most.
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  13. caniac6 added a post in a topic Back me or sack me.   

    I would be happier setting my money on fire. Thanks for the good laugh.
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  14. caniac6 added a post in a topic Bubba Watson Bought a New Car   

    I've seen some bad reactions while playing, and heard him say some less than flattering things while overseas, but bigotry?
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  15. caniac6 added a post in a topic Tiger Woods Accused of Cheating With Amanda Dufner   

    Has zero effect on my life. Who cares.
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