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  1. ClusterF&#? Rules Today at USKG

    I don't know what his choice of car had to do with his behavior, but if he had a problem with you,, there is no excuse to be rude to your daughter. I know if I was playing with a golf pro, I would welcome any help with rules. Some people feel rules and etiquette don't apply to them. This seems to apply on and off the course.
  2. Tim Clark shot a 61 in a US Open qualifier at my course. I believe he was still at NC State when it occurred.
  3. do we really need fancy putters

    Thanks for offering to bring your fitting kit to NC, but after paying for wood floors, a bathroom remodel, and college tuition, I don't see an expensive putter in my near future. Mabye someday.
  4. do we really need fancy putters

    I would pay for an Edel because, after reading this forum, I know I would be properly fit. Unfortunately, there is not a fitter close to me. Putting is the weakest part of my game, and that is the only club I have never been fit for. I have to believe that I would benefit more from a custom fit and custom built putter than I would from the newest driver that is supposed to hit it "20yds. past the previous driver.
  5. Wow! PING G Crossover!

    Same with me. Hit a bunch of line drives. Prefer a hybrid.
  6. Great opportunity for other clubs to be put into the Open rota. Mabye some Irish courses?
  7. If Donald wants to price his courses for the elite, he has every right to do so. I could never afford to play one of his courses, but I wouldn't even if I could. But, that is another argument all together.
  8. What does your screen name / username come from?

    Big hockey fan, and the Carolina Hurricanes. Used to go to some practices and game day skates, and Brett Hedican always skated by and waved to my son. Brett was #6, and the Canes won the Cup in 06.
  9. Adidas Tour360 Boost

    I don't have any, but I did try them on, and they really felt good. Not sure if they felt $200 good.
  10. I have been a FootJoy guy for 40 years. I have had some foot issues the last few years, and have tried most major brands looking for a solution. The results have been tolerable at best. Last week I got a pair of FootJoy Versaluxe, and they are the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever worn. My feet feel great after walking, and that is a feeling I haven't had for years.
  11. I totally agree. I have a Hoofer and a 3.5, and prefer the Hoofer.the Hoofer is a bit heavier,but the straps distribute the weight in a way where it doesn't really feel heavier. The material, the pockets, and the overall construction makes it feel like a higher quality bag.
  12. I think the gold or silver ranking in GD is directly related to the advertising dollars spent by the manufacturer.
  13. 81 years young, not bad at all

    My father is 88, and still playing. He still walks 9, occasionally. Last year he asked for a new 5 wood for his birthday, and now, just like everybody else, he is looking for the magic driver that will give him 20 more yards. A couple years ago, he complained about the pace of play because he got behind some old guys.
  14. Golf and Alcohol

    I quit drinking several years ago. Just lost the taste for it. So, I don't drink on the course.