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  1. spikelessfool added a post in a topic Bending Irons   

    Also you didn't mention what flex your shafts are. Try a high kick point shaft in stiff flex.
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  2. spikelessfool added a post in a topic Bending Irons   

    For me, I think cobra has the stong lofts. try hitting a set and see if your flight doesn't come down.
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  3. spikelessfool added a post in a topic loft and lie   

    the short irons are about a club short and the lob wedge looks like about 62 degree. Our driving range is under repair so i can't really test for distance. have a tourny sat. morning and thought i might get them looked at prior. thanks, mike
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  4. spikelessfool added a topic in Golf Talk   

    loft and lie
    does anyone no where to find the loft and lie on mizuno clubs? I have the t zoid pro series. thanks, mike
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  5. spikelessfool added a post in a topic Purchasing new clubs   

    One thing you haven't considered is the lofts on the two sets of clubs. I think if you check, ping is really weak lofted. Cleveland and TM are a bit stronger. Which i think you will want later as you improve. Good luck.
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  6. spikelessfool added a post in a topic hello everyone   

    glad to join in on all this good info. and news
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  7. spikelessfool added a topic in Welcome, Everyone   

    hello everyone
    [SI ZE=2]hello evryone[/SIZE] lime
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