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  1. BugDude added a post in a topic How to "Flight" Your Wedges and Short Irons   

    Another fun part is when guys see your low wedge coming in hot and they think it's going to bounce off the green and then it checks up suddenly by the hole.  You here a "ooohhhh, AHHHHHH!"
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  2. BugDude added a post in a topic Bubba Watson Bought a New Car   

    You are correct, John Schneider's personal car was a replica that was built for him later (and much upgraded mechanically) and sold in 2008 for $450,000.  Bubba's car was Lee1 which was in the original TV show, so it has historical provenance.  It's surprising that an original TV car fully restored sold for so much less than the star's replica, but the amount of mechanical upgrades could account for a portion of the difference.
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  3. BugDude added a post in a topic Bubba Watson Bought a New Car   

    To me it's not, and neither is the confederate flag.  But for whatever the reason it is that people find one offensive I would think that same reason would apply to the other.  Why remove part of the confederate symbolism and not the other?  To me, leave the car alone.  If he no longer thinks it represents his values he should sell it.
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  4. BugDude added a post in a topic How to "Flight" Your Wedges and Short Irons   

    My favorite shots in golf are low spinning wedge shots.  I do the same thing on 95% of my chip shots just on a much smaller scale.  In windy conditions, applying the same shot through your middle irons is very effective too.  It's a great shot to have in your bag.
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  5. BugDude added a post in a topic Bubba Watson Bought a New Car   

    He bought the car because of what it is and was.  If he no longer has the same regard for it then why not just sell the car?  He can change the flag on top but that's like putting a bandaid over a skin cancer.  It still bears the name of the confederate general Robert E. Lee.
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  6. BugDude added a post in a topic Bubba Watson Bought a New Car   

    This particular car was an original car from the TV show and was previously owned by John Schneider, who played Bo Duke on the show.  Bubba paid $110,000 for it at auction and it was in mint condition when he bought it.  He also had it autographed by Schneider.  The fact that it was one of the actual TV star's person car and was used on the TV show gives it increased collector value and provenance due to the documented history.  And people do occasionally drive collector's items, because they are cars.  They are meant to be driven.  The worst thing on a car is to sit and never be driven.

    The flag is most likely an automotive wrap grade vinyl application.  Yes, it can be easily removed, replaced, etc. so no permanent disfigurement impacting relative value.

    The issue is he bought the car because of what it is, what it was on the show, and his affinity for it and how he feels compelled to change that.  Well, that's his car and he is free to do with it what he wants but it's no longer what it was on the show.  Is he going to change the name of the car too?  I mean, to have "General Lee" on the top is also offensive to some.  Even if you change the flag and the name everyone still knows what it was.  So why not change the numbers on the side and paint the car black?  But everyone associates 69 Dodge Chargers with The General Lee, so perhaps he should turn it into a pickup truck.

    If to a southern person the flag means "I'm from the south, we say yall and ma'am, drink sweet tea, and speak with a slow draw."  Who is to say that someone else's assigned meaning is more important than the other person's?  Inanimate objects aren't the cause of the real problems, and assigning various meanings to them or yanking them out of existence won't solve the real problems.  Why people chose to put so much blame on an inanimate object rather than the crazed individual that committed the crime is beyond me.
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  7. BugDude added a post in a topic What Are You Working On?   

    I'm working on switching back to an old set of clubs (Ram FX Pro Set forged combo irons) from a new set (Callaway Razr X HL irons and hybrids).  The new clubs were left to me by my father-in-law when he passed and I really liked them at first.  I got to the point I was nuking the new irons ridiculous distances and was needing to add several more wedges to gap shots inside of 130 yards.  I also developed a pronounced hook from the offset.  Switched back to my old set of irons and have much more consistent distances and gaps with no hook.  I can control trajectory better too.  I always end up back at these or my Golden Ram Tour Grind Frequency Matched irons.
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  8. BugDude added a post in a topic How do you handle a group of jerks on the course without descending to their level???   

    Anyone hitting a ball into you is obviously donating it to you so you should just pick it up and put it in your pocket.  Keep doing that and they'll get tired of losing golf balls.  If they want it back, tee it up and send it back to them with a golf club.

    In all seriousness, I simply call the clubhouse.  If I'm on a course I'm not familiar with, the clubhouse phone number is usually on the score card.  I've done that before and within a few minutes seen someone ride out on a cart and give them heck.  Solved the problem.

    I had one run-in with 2 carts full of drunks who thought 4 guys with golf clubs in their hands against 1 guy (me) playing by myself was a fair fight...they found out soon enough that those were not good odds for them.  Once I dispensed with the immediate situation I called the clubhouse (I was a member and these clowns were not) and they came out and escorted them to the parking lot...where a Sheriff's Deputy was waiting for them.  I finished my round without incident.  I addressed the issue at the next board meeting seeing as I was paying dues every month for a private club and they were letting more and more non-members play.  I joined a private club to avoid people like that on the course.  The practice was halted.  It seems the guy working the pro shop was pocketing the money from non-members paying cash to play for the day.  They also freed up his future.
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  9. BugDude added a post in a topic Tiger Woods Accused of Cheating With Amanda Dufner   

    This is an old trick.

    TIGER started the rumor knowing full well it wasn't true.  But then after it gets around, he'll say to her, "Hey, since we're being accused of it we might as well be doing it."

    Works every time.
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  10. BugDude added a post in a topic Will Tiger Ever Ascend to No 1 Again?   

    He's toast....skulling a 5 yard chips 20 yards over the green...repeatedly...
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  11. BugDude added a post in a topic How much golf could you play if you weren't limited by anything except your own endurance?   

    In my mid and late 20s I was walking 36 every Saturday and 36 Every Sunday (on a short 9 hole course that was very hilly).  Now in my late 40s...forgetaboutit.  3 rounds in a week would be about it for me now...and that's if I could spread it out and not play them back to back.
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  12. BugDude added a post in a topic Tiger Woods is the Butt of Many Jokes on Twitter   

    Apparently rampant promiscuity is directly related to being able to activate your glutes at a moments notice.  Time to head back to the Waffle House.
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  13. BugDude added a post in a topic Tiger set to design course in Mexico   

    If he can't get his Glutes activated, this project will fizzle out.
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  14. BugDude added a post in a topic Tiger Woods is the Butt of Many Jokes on Twitter   

    The next time my wife tells me to get off my @$$ and do somet hing around the house, I'm telling her my glutes deactivated and I just can't get them to activate again.  I've tried as best I could but they just won't stay activated.

    My guess is that load of crap won't fly with her any more than it is flying with everyone else with regard to Tiger.  It's pretty lame.

    Maybe he needs to hire Jennifer Lopez as a golf coach...she has NO problem activating her glutes at will.  0-60 in a split second.
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  15. BugDude added a post in a topic Why is Tiger's Short Game so Bad? Does he Have the Yips?   

    I think there's some truth to his waning burning drive and passion for the game.

    I'm 46 and from the first time I hit a golf ball at 20 I was hooked...heck, totally addicted!!!  It was an obsession, the central focus of an OCD driven mania.  I ate, drank, slept, talked, studied, practiced, and played every chance I got.  If I couldn't play, I had a golf club in my hand.  I had a practice green in my house and hit 100 5-footers a night to a 2 ball wide hole before bed.  If I missed one, I started over.  I practiced chipping every day at lunch (my club practice green was close to work).  I hit the range 4 times per week and played at least 4 times per week.  I remember playing while it was flurrying, while it was pouring rain, I didn't care what the conditions were I had to get my fix.  I even played within a week of knee surgery walking on crutches on the course (putting all of my weight on my left leg and just balancing myself with my right leg in a brace).  The Docs said I wouldn't play for a year, and within 3 months I was playing better than ever.  And I got darn good at the game too.  I loved the creativity of the inside 100 game.  I loved escape shots and pulling off things people couldn't imagine.  To me it was an art form.

    Fast forward to when I turned 40.  Something happened that I still can't explain.  My interest in golf just sort of fizzled.  I had other interests that were really starting to take priority.  I had young kids, I got involved in antique cars, painting, fishing, billiards.  It just kept getting less and less about golf until I went a year and only played maybe 6 times and never went to the range.  Now, I play through the summer when the courses are empty and in the winter I rarely play.  I recently went 4 months without touching a club.  I just got back into it the last month, went to the range a couple times, played 4 rounds, but I'm still not driven.

    The funny part is after months off, it doesn't take me long to get back to form.  My last 4 rounds after not touching a club were 82, 77, 74, 74 (5 birdies that last round).  Short game feel and touch is the first to go, but comes back quick too.  Whatever is going on with his game is more than just time off rustiness.

    I've struggled with back problems, multiple knee problems, elbow problem, etc.  Debilitating at times, multiple surgeries, etc.  Pain and fear of pain if you make a certain move can alter your mechanics without you even realizing it.  Then that creeps in your head.  Couple that with 100 swing thoughts at the same time due to changing your swing and BAM!!!  You have the fortitude of a bowl of jello.

    I overcame many obstacles, but I've never gotten back my burning drive and desire for the game.  It's just OK for me now.  If I play, fine, if I don't, fine.  I like it and I enjoy playing well but I don't have the burn.  Ironically, once I didn't really care anymore my game got even better.  I played more at and under par rounds last spring and summer than ever, but that still didn't restore the burn.  The indifference towards the game allowed me to get out of my own way and actually score better.  Maybe not play better as in hitting the actual shots, but playing smarter.

    In any event, he's got a lot of crap going on and it's a multi-faceted issue with no single fix.  He can cure the mechanical issues and the swing thoughts/analysis stuff, but you can't really fix the competing interests robbing your golf game of the attention you once gave it.
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