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  1. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic Buying US open tickets   


    That is the information. They do go on sale on Monday, so it is probably a good idea to buy them then.
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  2. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic What'd You Shoot Today?   

    Shot a 153 at the local Muni.
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  3. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic USGA Members   

    So I was watching the Open today and saw that commercial about the kid who shot the Ace but thought no one saw it.

    Anyway, I saw that and immediately called and got a Junior Membership (I'm 15). I've been wanting that hat and for 15 dollars all that is a steal. I was told that I would have to wait 6 months for some of the stuff I get. Is that true?
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  4. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic What'd You Shoot Today?   

    70 on 9 holes.

    I'm slowing dropping.
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  5. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic Official U.s. Open @ Oakmont Thread   

    I am surprised at how well Phil is hitting, but hopefully Adam Scott can pull ahead.

    Did anyone else see that almost Ace early in the day.

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  6. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic Stealing Range Balls - I don't get it   

    How much did you win?
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  7. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic Private C.C.'s   

    I am lucky to be the kid of members of a nice country club. I really like that I can go and hit as many balls as I want, and not have to worry about running out of money. Also, just the service exceeds anything I have ever received on a Muni or Public course.
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  8. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic What'd You Shoot Today?   

    Played 9 - it got way too hot.

    I got a 60. Pretty good for me. I had a lot of nice drives but my putts were very poor. I started the back 9 but I got too tired and really just frustrated so I stopped at 14.
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  9. Arnold_Palmer added a topic in Welcome, Everyone   

    Just wanted to introduce myself.

    I am 15 years old and have been playing seriously for about a month. I have been taking lessons with our club's pro and hit about a 120, dropping every day.
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  10. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic Range to Course   

    That's a really good point. When I practice I just hit ball after ball. But that's not how it is on the course. On the course I have to hit different distances and have to include other factors. Next time I go to the range to practice I will think about every shot and visualize a place on the course where that shot would be helpful.
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  11. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic Range to Course   

    Ah. I have been doing that, however, I am very competitive, so I think in my mind about my score. I'll have to go out some evening when it isn't too busy and just play without even thinking about a score. Hopefully that will improve my game.
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  12. Arnold_Palmer added a topic in Instruction and Playing Tips   

    Range to Course
    I just started to get serious about golfing. I hit on the range a lot and can get into a good rhythm and really hit the ball well. It goes straight and it goes far. The problem is that I can never, for the life of me, duplicate any of those shots on the course. I fear the problem may be me being tense, trying to hard to get the ball where I want it to go; unlike the range, where I just hit and it goes where it goes.

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  13. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic Food and beverages during your golf round?   

    I get a hotdog or brat and a light blue Gatorade at the 3-6 house after I finish on the sixth green.
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  14. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic Cleaning Balls   

    That reminds me of the time when I worked for our club's big money tournament as a ball spotter. When there wasn't anyone teeing off I would look up in the woods for balls and came home with about 100 pretty nice balls.
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  15. Arnold_Palmer added a post in a topic Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?   

    I never saw Jack at his prime. However, I like the old-fashioned, out of shape golfer that Jack is/was opposed to the athlete that the younger players such as Tiger are.
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