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  1. Rafiki added a post in a topic Expensive putters, are they worth it   

    Yes, I agree, it is confusing.  I guess it's what they call irony:  I would never buy an expensive putter, but lots of people will, and I'm more than happy to sell them one.  Hopefully I can post a link to my website in the not too distant future and you can judge the putter for yourself.
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  2. Rafiki added a post in a topic Expensive putters, are they worth it   

    Are expensive putters worth it?  Yes and no.

    I have been collecting putters for 40 years.  I also make/modify putters.  I have at least 100 putters - it's a disease.  As luck would have it, I invented a putter shaft, which I am patenting.  While I await the gifted ones at the USPTO to take action, I decided to manufacture and sell putters.  Some time this year I will be selling putters.  They will be VERY expensive.  Are they worth it?  You betcha.

    Having said that, I would never pay $100 for a putter.  Why?  Because I'm cheap, I don't have a whole lot of money, and putters are just weighted sticks.  I estimate there are 60,000,000 putters in the world.  Surely you can find one that works that somebody will sell you for under $100.  However, a putter that "works" is worth a lot of money.
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