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  1. rw21217 added a post in a topic Lead wrist at impact   

    i seem to struggling with the same problem as you, especially with the driver.  When I hit a slice, in the face on video my impact position looks spot on.  Hands forward, shaft lean, good turn, etc..
    the problem is I'm looking at the back of my left hand.  I can see a big difference between myself and almost all the pro videos I use as comparison.  I end up with big pushes with my irons and a HUGE slice that starts right and keeps on going.  Pretty impressive.  I try 2 thoughts to help with this.  One, I try to point the back of my hand at the target at impact.  Sometimes I think of pointing my left hand knuckles at the ground at impact.  Both seem to work for me.  Try them out, maybe they'll help you.
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  2. rw21217 added a post in a topic Decent golfer with consistency problems   

    Used to struggle with fat shots myself.  From your video I see 2 things I think would help.  On the front view, watch your hips on the backswing.  See how you sway to your right??  You'll never hit the ball consistently if your hips a moving all over.  And it looks like you're a little steep coming down.  Another thing that will contribute to fat shots.  I worked on both those things with my pro and it's helped my game alot.
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  3. rw21217 added a post in a topic Is golf obnoxious?   

    Just because YOU don't feel like a golf course is worth $500 to play doesn't mean it's not worth it to me!  You say cars are dfiferent and built for a profit?  So are golf courses...  And, while You might think a $200,000 car is worth it I don't think a $40,000 car is worth it.  Nothing you can put in a car could possibly make it worth tht much money to me.

    This idea that we're running out of land is baffleing to me.  Anyone been up in an airplane recently???  There's alot more undeveloped land out there when you get off the roads and away from the cities...
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  4. rw21217 added a post in a topic What's the Most Exclusive Course You've Ever Played?   

    I've been fortunate enough to play Fisher's Island CC.  A private course on an island in Long Island Sound ranked somewhere around no. 7(I think) by Golf Digest this year.  The course is amazing, often referred to as the Pabble Beach of the east.
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  5. rw21217 added a post in a topic The Top Five Hardest Shots in Golf   

    I chose buried in deep rough.  The buried bunker is tough, but sand play has always been a strong point for me.  Second for me would be a low fade.  I just can't hit that shot...
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  6. rw21217 added a post in a topic What have you or are willing to give up to continue to play golf?   

    I drink PBR instead of the good stuff and rarely go out to eat, drive a '91 dodge spirit... I could go on and on...
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  7. rw21217 added a post in a topic Share your most embarrassing golf course moments...........................   

    Years ago, on the first tee of a high school tournament, I hit one for negative yardage.  The first hole crosses a street.  I topped the ball and it hit the curb on the other side of the street and ricocheted over our heads for about -25 yds.  There were quite a few people watching...
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  8. rw21217 added a post in a topic Stories of broken glass or close calls.   

    Your weren't at Ceder Ridge in CT were you??  Played with a guy that did that once about 15 years ago!

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  9. rw21217 added a post in a topic Stories of broken glass or close calls.   

    Played in a scramble tuesday and one of my playing partners shanked one off the fender of the hole in one car...
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  10. rw21217 added a post in a topic Is your driver grip "stronger" than your iron grip??   

    I had a similar problem.  I play my irons back in my stance and my driver off the left heel.  I found that as my ball position got farther forward my grip would get weaker.  Since noticing it I've learned to fix it and all is good.  I don't use a different grip, it's just that the ball position was making me grip the club weaker with the longer clubs.
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  11. rw21217 added a post in a topic Sway in backswing - Good or Bad?   

    I'll echo what my pro told me when I first went to him.  I had some serious issues with sway.  Almost every good golfer makes a turn around a posted right leg with no sway.  He showed me clip after clip of touring pros and marked their hip positions.  Most didn't move an inch from the line.  Some are able to make a small sway work, Paul Casey is one he told me of.  I've made an effort to remove my sway and all I can say is my shots are definately more consistent, so I vote for sway=bad.
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  12. rw21217 added a post in a topic Flexibility   

    I suffer from a lack of flexibility too.  I picked up the book by Joey D,  pretty sure it's called "Fix your body, fix your swing"  at the local book store.  Found the assesments and workout to be a great start.  I've since done lots of research on mytpi.com  and added to my workouts.  It's really helping.  I can almost touch my toes now!!
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