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  1. I do not see gamesmanship, I just see confusion. You really think that Pettersen on purpose wanted this to happen? And if someone asks her if the putt was conceded, or if she says it was not conceded then there is not much that can be done.
  2. Plugged Ball on Fringe

    I would imagine it would be good if it was about same subject, but this was not.
  3. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    Phone can get dirty if hands mixed.
  4. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    True. It seemed unnecessary to continue as I read and agree with the second paragraph @Duff McGee wrote.
  5. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    Nope, but that was my response. Perhaps I should have acknowledged your second paragraph but I did not.
  6. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    If weekend golfers did this, they would very soon learn to hit provisional and then picking up when above ESC or out of Stableford Points. Slow players are slow, not because of S&D.;
  7. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    Looks like people want to play by rules, but "walk of shame" feels too bad for them so they would like to have rules changed. I understand that perfectly, but why do we have such an attitude that pace of play trumps everything? Even something which after a round of 18 holes counts as a minuscule amount of total time.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by wadesworld I'm with you Rick. I believe that absent any other notification, a player has to play the course as marked. I thought Fourputt was saying somewhat contrary when he wrote: Quote: Would you also agree that a player would not be wrong in by playing by the rules in this case, despite the course being marked in direct opposition to the rules? Or perhaps I am lost with the word "despite" in the sentence.
  9. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    How much of that roughly 2 hour excess was due to rules and how much due to slow people playing slowly?
  10. This is very difficult situation, but on the other hand I find it difficult to penalize player playing according to markings of the course.
  11. Standing on cart path relief

    I addition, when determining NPR you use the club you would use if there were no interference from the condition. The one club length from this NPR can be then measured using whatever club, and playing from new position can be done using whatever of the player's club. edit. all of this is in the picture posted before.
  12. Range finder question

    I guess so, but with OP's nick being what it is I bet we get the question again today.
  13. Forecasting past is difficult...
  14. Multiple Infractions

    For being ignorant of rules... I guess I was wrong.