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  1. What athlete would you tee it up with?

    I want my "MT Rushmore" of Boston sports Ted Williams Bobby Orr Bill Russell Tom Brady I'll caddy and listen. I know you said living but....
  2. How do you 'train' yourself to swing less than 100%?

    One drill I had on the range was to try and hit several clubs, usually the PW thru 7, 100 yards. It helped me with my tempo.
  3. Your Best Advice For a Beginner

    Don't start on the tee, start on the green.
  4. Has technology taken from the skill of playing golf?

    Most of us are not good enough to take full advantage of the teck advances. Using a range finder to know your 167 yards out is nice, but I'm not that precise with my irons. I'm going for a 165 to 175 yard swing/club and hoping for the best. I have an old golf magazine around somewhere that has an old timer from the R&A saying courses that use yardage markers are not real golf courses. Rounds played with them should be considered "practice" rounds only.
  5. Playboy to eliminate nude photos from the magazine

    While I get it, the 12 year old boy inside of me is sad.
  6. I'm trying to think of how many true super stars made it as a coach. Tiger can tell them to hit the 6 iron 240 yards out of sand over water onto the green.....damn few could do it.
  7. Should i concede putts????

    I like to putt everything out, I cant tell you how annoying it is for me to have somebody knock my two foot putt back to me.
  8. The Nine Shots

    Hell, I hit most of those on a par 5.
  9. Are there too many rules in golf?

    I'm sure its been posted, the bigger issue is there are too many players who think they know the rules. This past weekend the same guy called me out for illegal equipment, the tendonitis brace on my elbow. And giving advise to a competitor who was struggling when I said "just put a good swing on it." He complained to the pro first, then everybody else in earshot when I was not DQ'd from the tourney.
  10. Dog helps player find ball

    Better off taking lessons and hitting it straight. If only it were that easy....
  11. 2015 NFL Football Thread

    I know its early, but some surprising 0-2 teams anyway.
  12. Texting While Driving

    A coworker said he was driving by the scene of an accident, the cops were pulling over everybody who took a cell phone photo while they were driving. I thought "cool".
  13. How many clubs do you play with?

    I use 13, dropped my 3 iron, seems to go the same as my 5 wood, but the 5 is more consistent for me.
  14. new desk top

    I'll check it out, thanks.
  15. What is the purpose of life?

    Dunno why it needs a purpose, maybe it just is. We give it one if we so desire. Downfall to being self aware I guess.