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  1. cajuntexan00 added a post in a topic PING i20 irons??????   

    I've hit the demo clubs a couple of times along with the G20's (so take this with a grain of salt).  I found them to have much more of a blade feel to them than I expected.  I would definitely go try them out before taking the leap.
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  2. cajuntexan00 added a post in a topic We were young once, and hit two iron......   

    TourSpoon, I'm pretty new to this forum, but you are the first person i've seen that uses the same irons i do!  I am probably not a good enough golfer to be playing with 735CM's, but i'm still hanging on to the glory days and hoping they will return.

    I recently dropped my 3 iron for a ping G15 20 degree hybrid.  I get about 5-10 yards more distance which has made a bit too big of a gap between my 4 iron and this club, but I make it work.  The bigger problem I have is that miss hits are definitely worse than a 3i.  When I miss hit a 3i i lose some distance, but there's not as much risk of a high launching shot left or right.  Is this normal for a hybrid?  it's the first one i've owned.  wasn't really sure what to expect.
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  3. cajuntexan00 added a post in a topic ideal wedge bounce out of the sand   

    we don't get a lot of rain in our area.  sand is usually fluffy.  I bought a Cleveland 60 degree with high bounce. did I make a good choice?
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  4. cajuntexan00 added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    ideal wedge bounce out of the sand
    when hitting out of bunkers, is it better to use a wedge with low bounce, high bounce, or does it matter?
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  5. cajuntexan00 added a post in a topic Should Tiger drop Nike?   

    yeh, didn't mean to imply i was an expert.  I need to find a Nike demo day and try some of their stuff out.

    Back to Tiger, I was just thinking it would be cool to have a breakdown of how many wins he had with each on of his equipment changes.    Was the Scotty Cameron putter the last non Nike thing he dropped?  Or was the the golf ball?  just curious.
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  6. cajuntexan00 added a post in a topic Should Tiger drop Nike?   

    I was ASKING if the are any good.  I do not think they suck.
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  7. cajuntexan00 added a post in a topic Should Tiger drop Nike?   

    i don't claim to be an expert and think Nike sucks.  I really don't know anything about them.  that's why i started the thread.
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  8. cajuntexan00 added a post in a topic Should Tiger drop Nike?   

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  9. cajuntexan00 added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Should Tiger drop Nike?
    Is there any chance that part of Tiger's problem is that he plays with Nike everything?  Maybe I'm completely misguided, but I've never really considered them a serious manufacturer of golf equipment.  I hit a Nike 3 wood a few years ago and found it to be terrible and made the mistake of playing with a dozen Nike Power distance balls once which felt awful.

    Anyone a fan of their stuff?
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  10. cajuntexan00 added a post in a topic tgw.com?   

    I was kind of annoyed with TGW b/c i ordered a wedge that shipped late.  Next thing i know i got an email with a $15 gift certificate for the 1 day delay.  I would shop with them again.
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  11. cajuntexan00 added a topic in Tour Talk   

    Is Keegan Bradley the future of US Golf?
    So he breaks the streak of non-US major champions, wins 2 events in his first year on tour, and apparently has nerves of steel.  That was an amazing finish after the triple bogey.  I can't remeber the last time I saw anything like that.

    Any chance this guy is the next great US golfer and Dustin, Woodland, Fowler, Kim, etc. are going to be chasing him for the next decade? I'm thinking it's a possibility.
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  12. cajuntexan00 added a post in a topic the 93rd PGA Championship...   

    I'm with you on Steele winning.  I wouldn't be surprised however if we saw a "nobody wants to win it" type of finish today.  I'm anticipating some nerves getting in the way and multiple players in the top 10 making doubles on the back nine!

    The top 10 may not have lots of "names" but I bet it is going to be an exciting finish.

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  13. cajuntexan00 added a post in a topic the 93rd PGA Championship...   

    Did you hear that he hasn't shot a round under par in 2 months on tour before this tournament?  Him playing this well suddenly is quite a shock.  We may be looking at another Shaun Micheel winner.

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  14. cajuntexan00 added a post in a topic Who do you like in the PGA Champ this week ?   

    I'd have to respectfully disagree with Sergio and DLIII.  Nick Watney and Striker are notable too.  and Martin Kaymer.  Although he hasn't played well lately he seems to do ok at this tournament. :-)

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  15. cajuntexan00 added a post in a topic 2011 WGC Bridgestone Invitational   

    So unpredictable.  I actually wasn't that surprised with Zach Johnson and David Toms doing ok.  Luke Donald too.  They both hit the ball straight and putt well.  That course was SOOO narrow.  The big hitters were all playing from under trees the entire time.   That course actually reminds me a lot of colonial in Fort Worth.

    I can't remeber the last time I saw a tournament from Atlanta Athletic Club, but I'm guessing with the 1920's on the logo it's going to be tight fairways, no elevated greens, and side by side holes like Colonial or Firestone.  Is that right?

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