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  1. carrero77 added a post in a topic Can Online Golf Lessons Help your Game?   

    Hi guys
    I just want to say that online lesson, in my case Evolvr academy, is great but I would suggest the following to new users:
    Follow the instructions you receive and not to try to change more than the lesson tells you. They give you the advice about the most important thing. Have absolute confidence on the teacher otherwise you will waste time, I mean, if they say you have your back as a S but you think looks like great since the Arnold Parmel back's way is not cool in your opinion you are lost.... Dont read too much The sand trap swing thoughs forums since you are going to think that your swing have too many defaults and then when you are playing is difficult to play naturally. My own experience is great, I started with Evolvr on december on 2010 an apart from the improving I have learnt about golf swing more than I could have ever imagined. My handicap has not gone down dramatically but my golf shot quality has improved a lot.
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  2. carrero77 added a post in a topic Good Golf Posture (How to Address the Golf Ball)   

    Great post This information has helped a lot and about all my lower back is much better One question , why the set up is not a fundamental or introduced in the five keys? I have suffered the S posture what has made me impossible to have a good backswing
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  3. carrero77 added a post in a topic TrackMan is going to make a lot of teachers I know very unhappy!   

    I wish mor spanish teachers usted trackman
    How much does it cost?

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